Top 10 really stupid things not to do in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country. A land of adventure subject to many fantasies. There where you can really escape, on the coast, in the heart of sublime landscapes or in the desert, far from civilization… In Australia where certain things, particularly very stupid things, are strongly discouraged. For the good of all !

1. Venture solo and on foot into the Outback

Yes, the Outback is gorgeous and might look appealing. Especially when you land for the first time in Australia and you burn to taste the real experience! Still, walking alone in the Outback is strongly discouraged. Because you can come across some of the most venomous species of spiders and snakes in the world there, because it’s hot and you can die of dehydration in no time and because there’s no a cat. Not practical when you are dying at the edge of a path in the middle of nowhere…

2. Trying to make friends with a kangaroo

A kick from a kangaroo’s paw can hurt a lot. Not that the kangaroo is aggressive by nature, but let’s say that he does not appreciate being disturbed for no reason. Australia’s recent history is thus littered with tales of kangaroo attacks. If that’s not enough for you, we have proof that kangaroos are evil beings.

3. And while we’re at it, hug a koala

They are cute but they also have claws. Koalas love their peace. Who could blame them?

4. Not wearing sunscreen on the beach

Or anywhere else where the sun is beating down. In Australia, 10 minutes of exposure is enough to cause a third degree burn. So we eat well and drink plenty of water!

5. Swimming outside the designated areas

The ocean can be vicious and it is therefore crucial to observe the safety rules carefully. Even if there are too many people and we want to take to the open sea because we swim too well and in any case it doesn’t fear anything. Don’t forget that Australia is a dangerous country.

6. Not keeping track of the weather

In Australia, you should never ignore storm warnings. Never ! Because when it falls on your head, it never really pretends! Better to be safe when nature is unleashed in this part of the world!

7. Bathe anywhere

We join a little the fifth point even if we speak here of all these creatures which want your skin. Diverse and varied critters capable of not only ruining your holidays but also of sending you to the hospital, or even worse. Creatures that hide in remote areas, outside the places delimited by the authorities, in lost corners…

8. Driving across country in a car without a bull bar

It’s sad but that’s how it is. On the straight roads that criss-cross the Outback, it may happen that one or more kangaroos, or even another animal, cross the road. Because no one wants to be stranded in the middle of the desert. Australia has nothing to do with France. It’s much bigger, much more dangerous, much wilder and there isn’t a gas station every fifty terminals. Not to mention that the mobile network leaves a little to be desired in some regions.

9. Desecrate sacred sites

Full of tourists in the background, in Uluru for example, this magnificent and huge rock in the desert, but it is completely disrespectful towards the natives who consider it sacred. In addition, given the climatic conditions, climbing to the top of Uluru can be dangerous. There have been more than 30 deaths there so far.

10. Ask everyone you meet if their ancestors were jailbirds

Report on the fact that Australia was once a penal colony where Great Britain sent its prisoners. Studies have thus shown that approximately 22% of the population is indeed linked to one of the 160,000 convicts formerly sent to Australia. People who, moreover, were not all murderers. Again, the study showed that only 2% of them had been tried for serious reasons. All that to say that it can be very complicated to make friends in Australia with this kind of a priori…

Without forgetting: to affirm that Nicole Kidman is American.

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