Top 10 real tips for finding a student apartment, the joys of real estate

I don’t want to undermine your morale but… Yes, the start of the school year is only two weeks away. 15 short days and finished pipo la vida loca by the sea, friends! For the youngest, it’s just synonymous with going back to school, but for 17-18-19 year olds, it’s the start of real life. The life of a grown-up. Independence. Money problems. Partial. And above all… The search for an apartment. Since it’s rarely a piece of cake and we had a hard time too, we’ve put together a few tips for you to maximize your chances of landing your studio in no time! Come on, we arm ourselves with a little courage, patience and a smile, and that will do it.

1. Being a student

Hey boom, you weren’t expecting this one, huh? Yeah, as crazy as it sounds: to get a place to stay studentbah… It’s better to be a student.

2. Download the right apps

There are a whole bunch of them: Le Bon coin, Se loger, Bien ici, Trusted people,… But there are also and above all even more practical things, sorts of “comparators” which group together all these different advertisements in a single one. and same application: Jinka. I worship this thing. Try it, you’ll see.

3. Use your social networks

Wisely and remaining vigilant, of course. Without publishing too much personal information, you can solicit your network, by giving your search criteria in publication or stories. Word of mouth has worked since the dawn of time!

4. Search before you even get your baccalaureate/partial results

As soon as possible, in fact! Everyone is rushing for offers at the same time, so… If you can start your search a little earlier than others, make a few appointments for visits (which you can cancel if you fail) or study a few offers corresponding to your budget upstream, it can always be useful. Of course, you don’t sign a lease in Bordeaux if you’re not sure you won’t end up in Nevers, huh! We take the lead, without rushing.

5. Find out about the aid you can claim

Taking a home, no matter how small, is synonymous with the first big expenses. Hey guys, you are becoming adults there! We don’t all have the capacity/possibility to work alongside studies, and even so, the salaries are rarely fabulous. The smallest financial aid will therefore be welcome, a way of being able to pay your rent while eating your fill. APL, help from general and regional councils, transport aid, university scholarships,… There are plenty of them! Do not hesitate to inquire, then to make the requests. Really, ASK THEM. There’s no shame in needing a helping hand to get started in life. Promised.

6. Compile a complete file

If you are several profiles on the same apartment, having a complete file to present directly will immediately put you at the top of the pile. If your file is correct and complete, the owner/real estate agent has everything to gain by granting you the rental, rather than running after the documents of Pierre, Paul and Jacques. Hop hop hop, we gather our photocopy of ID, that of the guarantors, their tax notices, their proof of residence and income and our school certificate if we already have it, then we go for a visit. Zé partiiiiiii!

7. Learn to spot scams

Wow, you have just found the apartment of your dreams! Super big, really cheap, well placed… It’s too good to be true!!! Exactly. Too good to be true. Chances are it’s a pretty big scam. If you are asked to transfer any amount of money, in any way whatsoever, regardless of the excuses (sometimes very clever) advanced: we say NO. NOPE. NOPE. As long as the lease is not signed and drafted, that we have not seen the apartment with our eyes, we do not take anything out of our bank account. Nothing nothing nothing.

Top 10 real tips for finding a student apartment the

8. Keep in mind that the landlord/real estate agent cannot ask you anything and everything

We just talked about file and scams, this point brings together these two elements. In addition to the mandatory documents in the file, the owner/agent cannot ask you for additional documents that are too personal. The vital card, for example, is no. Similarly, the deposit cannot be too high: the equivalent of one month’s rent for unfurnished accommodation, and double that for furnished accommodation. Never again. Anyway, we’ve already given you a little top on everything an agent is not allowed to ask you. Don’t hesitate to take a look before you get tricked!

9. Think about the roommate

I know, having your own little home is always more comfortable… But shared accommodation can also allow you to live in better conditions! In Paris, for 600 euros, you have a maid’s room, sometimes unsanitary, of about 10 square meters. In a roommate of three people, for 600e, you have a room of the same size + a real kitchen + toilets in the apartment and not on the landing + new friends with whom to share your days, exchange ideas, do games of Mario Kart, getting drunk,… It’s not so bad, isn’t it?

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10. Also consider student residences

Ok, most of the time the rooms in Cités U or residence halls aren’t the biggest and most comfortable, but it’s still better than nothing. University residences make accommodation accessible to students in the most financial difficulty. Rents are generally very low. Often there are shared spaces between residents (such as the kitchen). At first, it’s a bit overwhelming. But over time… It’s like a huge roommate of 20 friends who have their own privacy and who meet in the common areas to enjoy together. We cry when we arrive, we cry even more when we leave.