Top 10 real life urban legends

The good thing about urban legends and scary stories is that you can tell them quietly and play at being scary with them; Either way, we know it’s fake.

But not always.

1. The real corpse in the fake haunted house

We all had this thought when we were 10 years old: “can you imagine if the model, there, and bah in fact, and bah it would in fact be a real death? Well, in 1976, an American TV crew filming an episode in a haunted house in an amusement park in California had the answer. During filming, a hangman’s dummy lost an arm in which human bones were found.

In reality, the body was that of a criminal, Elem McCurdy, murdered in 1911 after a train attack by a bounty hunter. The local undertaker then embalmed it and kept it as a demonstration product because it was so well done. Until McCurdy’s pseudo-brother came to claim the body. The pseudo-brother was actually a showman who had made the body a major part of his haunted house show.

McCurdy’s body is now buried in Oklahoma.

2. The guy buried alive

“Can you imagine, in fact, you’re not dead, but the doctor and well the doctor is wrong, and you find yourself buried alive? Oh the seum! »

It’s happened plenty of times. A guy named William Tebb recorded at the end of the 19th century more than 200 such cases in recent history. Recent history at the time, that is, at the end of the 19th century. Afterwards, we sometimes found traces of scratches inside the coffins, which is never a good sign on the last moments offered to the world to the dead. A fashion developed at the beginning of the 20th century: secure coffins, including a kind of horn or a powerful bell to signal that one was not dead (just in case).

Finally all that is behind us.

Ten years ago, a Venezuelan man woke up during his autopsy. He must have been surprised.

3. The girl gets stabbed in a low-key library and no one sees.

You see it, eh, the American library with its green lamps, its endless corridors, its isolated places, its silence: a perfect place to fuck or to die stabbed by a maniac let loose on campus. Well, in 1969, student Betsy Aardsma was stabbed while she was consulting a book in one of the bays. Nobody saw anything, nobody heard anything. The killer was never discovered.

4. The killer who hid in the house for several days before killing the whole family

The house could well be haunted. We hear footsteps, we see things disappear, we end up murdered by a maniac. In 1922, farmer Andreas Gruber and his family experienced exactly that. There were steps in the attic. Weird, did you say weird? Okay. The Grubers didn’t pick up. Then, on March 31, they were all killed with axes: the mother, the father, the children, the grandchildren. But not animals. We never found the killer.

5. The maniacal surgeon

Under the cover of his long medical studies, the surgeon is in fact a maniac who operates on his victims with the sole objective of collecting their organs.

Yes it’s possible. For example, it describes quite well the surgeon Glen Tucker, who, in the 70s, had fun amputating arms for fun or doing square breast implants. One day, a patient woke up in the middle of her surgery on her nose, which was broken, to see dear Dr. Tucker doing sadistic stuff with her nose in a deserted operating room. She filed a complaint and Tucker started following her down the street.

Then Tucker had the good taste to die in a boating accident in 1982, or rather to pretend, since he was found in Florida a few years later. Rather than be judged, he committed suicide in 2011. After killing his wife and his cat.

6. Your ex cooks you a dog

“It would be horrible if a sadistic cook made me eat Cookie stew” (Cookie, it’s the Gloden retriever who shares your life). Yes. And bah Ryan Watenpaugh, after having freaked out his ex-girlfriend by forcing the door of his apartment, did something like that. When the girl in question escaped, he was left alone with the dog and later pretended that he had escaped. Then, Cookie’s mistress was dumb enough to accept a dinner invitation and Wantenpaugh cooked her a nice meal. Then he sent sadistic texts to the girl explaining that she had just eaten his dog. And also a plastic bag with the leftovers just to prove that it was true.

7. Telephone. Midnight. “I see you”

We take the start of Scream. We transpose it to real life. A little English teenager from Chester, in 2014, started receiving text messages that she was being watched very closely by someone “in her house”. The girl didn’t blunder too much, telling herself that she was dealing with a dingo, then lay down (still) in her mother’s bed. Then she went back to her room in the middle of the night and, seeing that stuff had been moved, looked under the bed. Where she found her stalker, an 18-year-old kid. Fortunately, nothing happened to this poor little teenager.

8. The Legend of Charlie No-Face

It’s a local story, but worth the detour. Charlie No Face was a character in popular culture around Pittsburgh, a kind of White Lady aimed at terrifying children. Except that in reality, Charlie existed. His real name was Raymond Robinson and he had been disfigured by a maxi-electrocution in 1919 while playing near an electric conveyor.

Then, Raymond Robinson lived a small life of patachon all alone while remaining cloistered at his place of fear of being judged. He only allowed himself to go out after dark. You kinda see how the guy became an urban legend.

9. Waking up with one kidney missing

1: take a load; 2: agree to get into a stranger’s car; 3: waking up far from home, naked, with one kidney less and one more scar.

And well know that it is a little possible: between 2000 and 2008, 500 Indians were victims of illegal kidney trafficking. They were spotted on the street, not because they were drunk, but because they were looking for work and were being offered fake ones. Then chloroform, boom and more kidney.

10. The Collector of Human Bodies

The super weird neighbor collects corpses, it’s well known. Otherwise, why would he have so many papier-mâché dolls? Well done, Edvige. For example, the Moscow historian Anatoly Moskvin, who freaked out all the children around, was indeed responsible for the corpses that disappeared from the Nizhny Novgorod cemetery. So Moskvin would collect the corpses, put girls’ dresses and wigs on them and arrange them in the apartment. There were 29. With masks. And all. And all.

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