Top 10 racist or misogynistic songs that didn’t shock anyone a few years ago

The good thing about songs is that if they’re in a foreign language, we don’t listen to them and we don’t give a damn, and if they’re in our language, we don’t listen to them either and we don’t care either. kidneys. This is practical, there are plenty of songs that we have listened to (or not) without capturing their racist perspective, or misogynist to the last degree. Welcome to the country of malaiiiiise.

1. “La zoubida”, by Vincent Lagaf’

“On the ring road, they had a blast, But Moqtar’s scooter had stolen it, They were squeezed by the police, Police station they found each other, La Zoubida is going to be yelled at, Father Moqtar is going home Health “

Frankly, we must recognize a certain sense of rhyme and rhythm. Come on, I’m off to redo the full Bigdil broadcasts.

2. “Tirelipimpom on the chihuahua”, by Carlos

Last summer, tired, I left on a rowboat, Sunbathing my credit card in Guadeloupe. In a bamboo palace I met Banana, the daughter of the king of voodoo who did something extra for me. But what did she do to you Banana? Tirelipimpon on the Chihuahua. Tirelipimpon with the head with the arms. Tirelipimpon a blow in the air a blow down. Touch my castanets, I touch your pineapples!

We are on a classic, an excellence of good taste that combines poetry, openness and desire to travel.

3. “Le p’tit beur”, by Rachid Ferrache

“I’m a little Arab, But don’t worry, I won’t come and steal your money, Call your dogs back, Open your gates You can see that I’m just a child”

Yes, there are also racist songs produced by the victims of racism themselves, that’s good, it makes us less work. We hope that Rachid Ferrache was able to pass on his knowledge of writing by teaching singing at Star Ac’.

4. “They have the oil… but that’s all”, by Michel Sardou

They have the oil, but that’s all they have. We have good wine, We have good bread, Et cetera.

This time we go back to 1979 with our good old Michel who once again did not miss an opportunity to contribute to the French heritage of song. Come on, now it’s over, he said it.

5. “Saga Africa” by Yannick Noah

Saga Africa, Atmosphere of the bush, Saga Africa, Watch out for the jolts, Direction neighborhood, To dance braised chicken

Thank you Yannick, it surely started with a good intention but when we take a look today at this rather cheum clip we say to ourselves that it was not difficult to declare without complex “ah these black people, they know really good dancing.

6. “There are Papuans”, by Marie Dauphin

With their war cries, They chase the cars. They climb the lampposts To pick coconuts.

Well, I’m speechless, we just didn’t really understand what happened and why no one stopped this young lady who sings.

7. “Macumba”, by Jean-Pierre Mader

She came without luggage, Like a shipwreck, In the holds of a freighter, She left her island For a new world, Far from the slums.

A classic of the kindly racist song huh, it’s okay, it’s not bad, I say, and then she must have been happy Macumba to be honored in a song. But yes.

8. “Bitches ain’t shit”, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog

Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks / Lick on these nits and suck the dick / Get the fuck after you’re done / And I hops in my ride to make a quick run.

A nice way of saying that basically the “sluts” are not crap but just ladies who suck things and who have to leave after having accomplished their mission. And to think that I flirted with my first boyfriend in 4th grade on this song too cute.

9. “Kill D’White People” by Apache

Kill of white people! We gonna make dem hurt, Kill de white people! But buy my record first

Not many words, but a clear message full of love.

10. Almost all of Francky Vincent’s discography

From “Alice, it’s slippery” to “Fruit de la passion”, we go through a beautiful gallery of ultra-oriented songs ass, ass, and re-ass. But at 8 years old it didn’t shock us that much. Fortunately, the child is very open-minded.

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