Top 10 proofs that we don’t know how to eat sushi properly in France, maki la…

On Twitter, Hazukashi created the buzz by detailing all the stuff that sushi restaurants in France don’t do it correctly, or at least in accordance with Japanese orthodoxy. And it’s true that, put together, that’s a lot of reason to think that we’ve never eaten real sushi in France. It is time to correct the shot.

1. You’re not supposed to eat sushi and teriyaki at the same time.

That said, the raclette mussels menu, why not when you think about it. You don’t have to be stubborn either.

2. Wasabi, you’re not supposed to put it everywhere

In the same way, completely dipping your rib of beef in mustard is a bit stupid in general.

3. The taste of fish must be preserved

Afterwards, offending the leader, who cares, per se. On the other hand, pouring a vinaigrette over an already seasoned salad tends to make the salad disappear.


No information on the compatibility of sushi with said whipped cream, however.

5. You have to be careful what you do with your chopsticks

That said, it’s handy if we can’t find the words to tell someone that we wish them dead, or that this person doesn’t speak our language.

6. A sushi is swallowed at once

“And camembert, which we eat with a spoon”. Boris Vian is the precursor of the M3 menu.

7. Sweet sauce is not in rice either

It’s an image, in that mashed potatoes are not made from rice. I checked.

8. Avocado in sushi is NEIN

It’s true that Mexico is not very well known when it comes to sushi.

9. Always finish your bowl of rice

Maki the fault?

10. And stop mixing the ginger in the brothel sauce

It’s a bit of Parodontax, but without fluoride.

And “soy sauce” does not mean “I am the sauce”. And if you are passionate about Japanese cuisine, even in your clothing look, here is the list of sushi accessories to have a great sushi style.

Source : Hazukashi

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