Top 10 proofs that volleyball is the best sport

We talk a lot about football, football all the time and that overshadows other great sports, especially volleyball.

So yes football is nice, I’m not saying the opposite, but frankly volleyball is better, and it’s not me who says it, it’s a study carried out by researchers at the CNRS which proves it (not don’t look on the internet, it was suppressed by the football lobbies).

Mixed sport, which can be done on the beach in summer, we explain why you absolutely must take an interest in volleyball, if you haven’t already.

1. It is one of the most equal sports

In 2018, out of 105,304 licenses issued during the year, approximately 55,000 licenses were issued to men and almost 50,000 to women, which is a good ratio in terms of the male/female distribution of the sporting practice of volleyball, especially compared to other very popular sports in France such as rugby and football.

First good point for volleyball which is an inclusive sport, in which the practice, even professional sport, is as developed among men as among women (not all sports can say the same).

2. You can do it in the summer on the beach

You have surely noticed it in summer, on all the most beautiful beaches there are beach volleyball courts accessible to everyone.

The perfect opportunity to spend a little between two swims and to meet people. And you will tell me “yeah but beach soccer or beach rugby also exist! “, ok it’s true, that also exists but there are rarely grounds provided for these sports, and clearly you will get everyone drunk trying to tackle your friends and finally fall on the girl who was tanning quietly next door. So there’s no photo, beach volleyball is the best sport to practice in summer on the beach.

3. It’s an accessible sport that you can play with friends

Not like complicated sports that require a real court and equipment like tennis, or a sport that has complicated rules like rugby, you can play volleyball simply, in complete relaxation.

And even if we don’t have nets, we can make small passes between friends, it’s always nice.

Overall volleyball is not the most difficult sport to understand or practice (even if there are always broken arms to throw the ball for life), and it is a friendly sport. So yes football is a bit the same, but as said in point 1, it is a sport that is unfortunately still very gendered and mainly practiced by men, so not hyper inclusive. Volleyball will be more likely to have been practiced at least once by all members of your band, men and women alike.

4. Remember that the French men’s team won the last Olympics

It was against the Russians that the French imposed themselves as Olympic champions for the first time in their history, last summer at the Tokyo Olympics. And on top of that, the French had won the European championships in 2015. Otherwise France is ranked 4th in the FIVB rankings in 2021. So here is the men’s selection weighs in the game and has the right to a little more of recognition. It’s time to take an interest in this sport, darlings.

5. It’s clearly a BG sport

In a super objective way, we can say that people who play volleyball have a certain presence. We are between elegance, relaxation, regularity and strength, and frankly the rendering is really not bad.

Between Earvin Ngapeth, Kévin Tillie or among women Héléna Cazaute or Nina Stojiljkovic, we can see that this sport reveals what is best in us.

6. It’s both physical and fun

Obviously everything depends on the level, as for all sports for that matter. But remember in school when you had the choice between volleyball and swimming, or volleyball and 3x500m… for most of us, the choice was quickly made.

Because volleyball, when it’s practiced “cool”, it’s a fun sport, but if you train seriously, it becomes physical. You can’t say the same thing about athletics, for example, unless you’re jogging at 3km/h, it’s rarely not tiring, the same for football, running for 90 minutes, I think it’s relaxing.

7. Club membership and license is not very expensive

It will depend on the clubs and the age (it’s always cheaper for kids) but overall if you want to join a volleyball club and even compete you will pay a hundred euros for the year , sometimes maybe 200 euros for the slightly more expensive clubs.

But even 200 euros for 2 training sessions per week (or more) and a match on the weekend, it’s not huge (remember that a subscription to the room of 25 euros per month costs you 300 euros per year, whereas you never go there again).

Other super popular sports in France, and especially among young people, are much more expensive, such as tennis or horse riding, which are clearly sports for the rich. Why ? Because competitions are very often chargeable and club membership is expensive (especially for horse riding).

In addition, volleyball does not require any special equipment, the outfit is often provided by the club, you just need to buy a pair of shoes that will last the year.

Conclusion: in volleyball, the quality-price ratio is not disgusting.

8. You don’t freak out with sick contacts

Do you see your friend Remy who broke his nose in rugby? Or Brenda who took a right at boxing? Or even Jean-Jordan who broke his knee after a bad football tackle?

Well (a priori) you won’t have these problems in volleyball, simply because it’s not a contact sport. You will clearly have less chance of blowing up something and ultimately, if that happens to you, it’s because you’ve been shot in the mouth, and you can only blame yourself.

9. You can do it all year round because it’s also an indoor sport.

Say goodbye to -3°C workouts. in the middle of January, also say goodbye to jogging in the rain, because volleyball is done indoors, and I swear it’s cool.

We can’t say the same for all the sports that are cool to practice only 6 months a year, and even then, that’s without counting the days of rain, winds, snow, tornadoes, landslides…

In short, you are warm in your gym and you can play when you want, the great luxury.

10. Because you have to stop enrolling your children in either football or tennis

You will have understood, I have been trying for a while to re-value this beautiful sport that is volleyball.

So if you have kids / little siblings / cousins ​​/ or anything smaller than you that looks like a human, stop systematically enrolling them in football, tennis, or football. horse (yes because don’t lie, you say “horse” and not “riding”).

Or even if you decide to convert to a sport that combines conviviality, physical effort and team spirit, you will know where to turn. And no this top is not sponsored by the FFVB, in any case you don’t even know what it is, you bunch of uneducated people.

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