Top 10 proofs that the French are the worst tourists in creation

We French people like the good life, the good wine, the good weather and then we also like to yell, complain, criticize, spit on others and strut around telling anyone who will listen that we have the best countries of the world (which is true objectively, but that’s not a reason to say so). All these little things mean that, in general, we French people are the best candidates for the position of the worst tourists in the world, which we will prove to you right away.

1. Because we are rude

Rude and rude, we don’t always say hello, we don’t really say thank you, we think that everything is due to us from the moment we put our ass on a train or a plane to come and visit a distant land and nothing can do us change your mind about it.

2. Because we make no effort to speak English (and even less other languages)

The last generations are a little better, they have had more advanced English lessons, but the generation of the darons is not possible. Limit they complain that foreigners do not speak French and they know how to say two words in English with an accent to cut with the knife which makes that one does not include/understand anything in all the cases.

Top 10 proofs that the french are the worst tourists in creation

3. Because we always criticize the food

The French abroad judge the gastronomy of others, and if they call it “gastronomy” that is already a good thing. Too spicy, too fatty, not fine enough, not spicy enough, not enough cheese, the meat tastes like shit… Nothing ever goes right. I remind you that we eat snails friends, the least appetizing thing ever found in nature.

4. Because we always find that our country is more beautiful

Gnagnagna is better here, Colorado we have the same in Provence, the Tower of Pisa is not worth the Eiffel Tower, Mount Fuji is not worth the Butte Chaumont, the Dead Sea is less salty in Brittany… What bad faith, only lies, the French are already not benefiting at home then abroad…

Top 10 proofs that the french are the worst tourists in creation

5. Because we don’t tip

For our defense it is not necessarily always a reflex to let go of a pourlich when leaving the table of a restaurant or a bar, it should but it is not the case. So it’s stingy in other countries but in general we are stingy so at least we remain honest and whole, that can’t be taken away from us.

6. Because we don’t care about the language and customs of others

You have already noticed how the French do not hesitate to criticize habits and customs as soon as they are in another country as well as languages ​​and religions when they do nothing with their day except stay with their ass on their sofa to watch TPMP and go to mass. Yeah I exaggerate but it puts you in your place.

Top 10 proofs that the french are the worst tourists in creation

7. Because we think no one understands us and we criticize everyone

Don’t tell me I’m wrong, you must have already met French people abroad who speak super loudly and allow themselves to criticize people and their clothes without shame. If the worst kingdom in the world is that of tourists, the French would be sitting comfortably on the throne.

8. Because we cross at red

If in France it’s okay because nobody respects anything, abroad it’s not too much to cross at any time at the pedestrian crossing, especially since it’s actually dangerous since you can die. Go see in Australia or the Nordic countries how people look at you like you just stole a car when you do that.

Top 10 proofs that the french are the worst tourists in creation

9. Because if there’s a way to sneak in and cheat, we’ll do it.

We are cheaters, cheaters, ill-intentioned, we don’t have much time and above all we are convinced that ours is worth more than that of others, so we toast the tail as soon as we can, there’s that seeing people try to squeeze into armored toll lanes to find out you’re inherently evil.

10. Because we haggle over everything and we steal without flinching

Do you know what shoplifting is called in Australia? French shopping. This is to tell you the image of asshole that we carry around there, and it is not the only cliché about the French that is true abroad. We are really the worst people, at home as elsewhere.

Top 10 proofs that the french are the worst tourists in creation

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