Top 10 proofs that the Filet-O-Fish is the best McDonald’s burger, a treat for…

So yes, we did a great test to find out who you are based on your McDo menu, but know that if you take a Filet-O-Fish, it’s raining, it’s selling, it’s snowing, you are hungover or on your honeymoon, then you don’t need to take this quiz, because we already know that you are a beautiful person. It’s mathematical, this burger being the tastiest of all burgers, you can only be a good person by choosing it. And if you are not yet convinced by the treat brought by the Filet-O-Fish, there are plenty of reasons to choose it against all odds.

1. It’s always fresh

This is one of the secrets that McDonald’s employees don’t want you to know, and yet I’m going to reveal it to you with great pleasure. All of the chain’s burgers are, well, chain-made EXCEPT our little protege: the Filet-O-Fish. As no one ever orders it, not being aware of the joy it brings, this burger is prepared on a case-by-case basis, which allows you to have a very fresh, very nice, very hot one. Yes, McDonald’s employees hate us, but we enjoy ourselves.

2. It reminds us of the canteen in primary school

What could be better than a good fillet of breaded fish to take us straight back to childhood, to that time when we cared about nothing but winning mammoth marbles at recess and being invited to Louisa. It’s not just a burger, it’s a dive into the sweetest moments of our existence.

3. It contains one of the best sauce in the world

If you keep thinking that Creamy Deluxe is McDonald’s best sauce, you’re kidding yourself. But I forgive you, because it’s probably a sign that you’ve never bitten into a Filet-O-Fish. Otherwise, you would obviously have voted for the sauce of this burger which is nothing but an excellent tartar sauce, easily surpassing the other competitors in its field. Too good tarragon.

4. He is quirky

Already look at its beauty with its smooth and shiny bun which has nothing to envy to the sesame breads of Big Macs and other aberrations. Wonderful. And above all, the Filet-O-Fish goes off the beaten track by offering something other than the traditional rubber-soled steaks or shapeless breaded chickens. Are you sheep or are you not sheep? Good.

5. It is healthier

Verified and truthful, this wonderful fish burger is lower in calories and contains fewer carbohydrates, less fat, less saturated fat, less salts and less sugar than that good old Big Mac. And I see you coming, yet it is just as tasty as the other burgers. So much pleasure for more health, what more do you really want?

6. It puts you in a good mood

With its shiny melted cheese, its beautiful golden breadcrumbs reminiscent of the sun and its sauce so creamy that it looks like a little cloud… Are we in paradise or what??

7. It saves you money

Yes, if you are a little ric-rac this month, but you still want to treat yourself, bet on the Filet-O-Fish. As friendly as it is, it will save you more money than all the signature burgers, for the same level of kiff. What cream.

8. He makes us travel

Cows, chickens, pigs, it’s great, it puts us in a farm atmosphere but it does not transport us, let it be said. Whereas with a little fish, you immediately imagine yourself on the beach sunbathing in Marbella with a little gin to in each hand. In other words, Filet-O-Fish is guaranteed escape.

9. This is one of the most inclusive burgers

Yes, because people who do not eat pork and those who do not eat meat quickly find themselves helpless when faced with burgers with bacon or chicken. Whereas with a fish burger they are welcome at the diversity table. The Filet-O-Fish reaches out to others (or trout lol. But no, I’m not insulting you, I was talking about fish).

10. It goes great with fries

In your opinion, why do the English eat fish and chips, or fish and chips daily, from breakfast to evening cravings, including snacks? Because it’s one of the best dishes on earth and fish and chips are MADE to be together. It was written in the stars from the start.

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