Top 10 proofs that the 9th is the best district of Lyon

The 2nd? Too stuffy! The 1st? Much too steep! The 6th? Too bourgeois? The 7th? Too bobo! No, the arrondissement where life is really good in Lyon is the 9th. Do you want evidence ? Come on, it’s good because it’s you!

1. The best TCL metro line in the world!

Lyonnais know it, line D is THE emergency plan when nothing works. Firstly, it is fully automated and therefore operates without a driver, which can be practical during a strike (less practical in terms of human rights). Second, it crosses the city from north-west to south-east and serves both the hyper-centre, old Lyon (6 minutes from Valmy station), the surroundings of the Institut Lumière and the main TER connections and bus to the Lyon suburbs. Something to delight those who are going to work as tourists passing through. Finally, the D is the kind that won’t be long in coming, which is to be highlighted on the TCL network, with a train every 90 seconds at peak times and up to just 5 minutes in the evening!

2. Beaujolais and the Monts d’Or within easy reach

Located to the northwest of Lyon, the 9th arrondissement allows you to get away from it all without struggling in traffic jams, in particular by avoiding Lyon’s Cape Horn: the aptly named Fourvière tunnel! Preferred destinations? The Monts d’Or that can be reached by cycling along the Saône (if calves approved), or the neighboring Beaujolais (plan the night there).

3. The hyper-center of Lyon without the hyper-rents

As we have seen, the 9th is only a few minutes by metro from Place Bellecour. Moreover, officially, a good part of the district (the Valmy district) is part of the hyper-centre of Lyon! A situation that does not weigh down real estate prices too much, especially at the rental level. The district has indeed been able to retain its popular dimension with a real mix of population and housing.

4. Mecca of Kebab and burger

On one side, rue Marietton, a sort of Hollywood Boulevard of Kebabs and Tacos. On the other, rue du Sergent Michel Berthet and its burger temples such as Ninkasi, Big Ferdinand, or not far from the excellent Queenstown. The 9th is home to good places to eat on the go (and other fingers too), while the most gourmet will also find tables to suit their desires.

5. Close to all the good spots in Lyon

By bike, on foot or by scooter, the 9th arrondissement is a few minutes from the lively corners of the capital of Gaul. Count 5 minutes to reach the Subsistances and these cultural happenings to make a Parisian jealous. 10 minutes by bike to reach the Parc de la Tête d’Or (through the tunnel and its psychedelic projections); 15 minutes for Bellecour (10 for Old Lyon) via the cycle path which runs along the banks of the Saône; 25 on an electric scooter to stroll around Confluences.

6. Walks along the banks of the Saône

The Lyonnais of the 9th are big lucky guys! They take advantage of the proximity of the Saône for a (very small) bit of freshness in the summer, and to go for a walk on the fitted out quays the rest of the year. Quays which we know are just opposite in the 4th arrondissement. A detail.

7. Rock’n’Eat for lives and foam parties

We are not going to lie to each other, we have rarely seen a Lyonnais pogoer with his colored pants and his little sweater on the shoulders. No, Lyon has many qualities, but it’s anything but a rock town. All the more reason to underline the existence of this beacon of binouzeurs (vast selection of beers) who come here to release the pressure by drinking in electric feedback.

8. The Duchère eco-district

La Duchère began its transformation in the 2000s with the demolition of many high-rise buildings replaced by new housing, green spaces (Parc du Vallon for example), shops, libraries, sports structures, etc. Developments that have enabled the neighborhood to break with its confinement. The eco-district label obtained in 2013 underlines the efforts undertaken which also contribute to attracting Lyonnais from all walks of life for a renewed mix. In short, turning into an eco-district is the big dream.

9. Picnics on Île Barbe in the Saint-Rambert district

High place of Lyon legends, the wild island (insula barbara in Latin) has swapped its pilgrims, druids and monastics of yesteryear, for families and friendly groups who have come to enjoy its relaxation areas at the foot of the tall trees. A rural place conducive to lazing around, ham and butter, even bowling parties between consenting people, which you will leave by the so-called “nature” path on the Clémenceau quay located on the left bank of the Saône.

10. There’s a guy from topito who lives there

And moving is a bit like his second passion. We can therefore trust him when he says that the 9th is the place to live in Lyon!

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