Top 10 proofs that Nîmes is the best city in France

Nîmes is a unique city in many ways. Historically and culturally speaking first. But that’s not all. And in Nîmes precisely, there is everything. Or almost. In any case, it is not unreasonable to consider it the best city in France. In front of Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon or Montpellier, with which she maintains the most stimulating love/hate relationship.

1. Roman monuments

Nîmes is the museum city par excellence! In France, in its field, Nîmes is unsurpassable! Of course, we first think of the Arenas, which are among the best preserved. Impressive from the outside, they are also very spectacular when standing in the middle or on the bleachers. But there is also the Tour Magne, one of the emblems of the city, which offers a superb view and the Temple of Diana. And while we’re at it, let’s mention the Maison Carrée. A monument dating back 2000 years, with spectacular columns. One of the most unmissable Roman sites in France.

2. The festival

Every year we watch the poster knowing that it will necessarily be heavy. However, the Festival de Nîmes is not a festival like any other. Him takes place over approximately 1 month and does not offer a pass. We choose the concerts we want to attend and that’s it. The greatest have been there and have sometimes delivered performances that have gone down in history. Rammstein, for example, recorded a DVD there, as did Metallica. The show is grandiose, the acoustics at the top… A must.

3. Food

Impossible to feel good somewhere if the food is not up to par. That’s good because in Nîmes, we know how to fill our stomachs with class! A short visit to the Central Markets is enough to convince you that you are in the right place to taste all the specialties of the region and of the city in particular. The city also has some pretty good restaurants, like Skab, one of the three starred establishments.

4. The Pont du Gard

This beautifully preserved and super impressive monument is not in Nîmes itself, but that’s okay because it’s not inconceivable to miss it. It is estimated that it came out of the ground in the course of the 1st century. Classified by UNESCO, this aqueduct has of course been the subject of numerous restorations over the years. He even nearly collapsed. But in the end, he’s still there. Proud, majestic and imperturbable.

5. It’s a city on the move

Especially in the summer, to be honest. With its parties and festivals, Nîmes stands out as a city where it seems difficult to get bored. But above all, Nîmes knows how to move forward without resting on its laurels. Guarantor of an invaluable historical heritage, it nevertheless moves enough and sees far to prevent dust from settling there for too long.

6. Culture

Nîmes is therefore a museum city with many museums. The museum of Old Nîmes, that of Fine Arts, the Carré d’art, the museum of contemporary art, the natural history museum and the museum of Romanity, which tells the story of the Roman era, are all remarkable. The Museum of Romanity, which stands out for its very modern side, which clashes with the ancient artefacts it contains, was designed by the Franco-Brazilian architect Elizabeth de Portzampac.

7. Climate

Good on the other hand, you have to like the heat. If we say that Nîmes is the hottest city in France, it’s not because it has many libertine clubs. No, it’s just that it can get very hot there during the summer. The official record? 41.6 degrees! And yes, the sunshine is exceptional!

8. The region

Nîmes is not just a beautiful city. It is a beautiful city in a beautiful region. Very easily accessible by train, car or plane, it is close to the Camargue and its flamingos, cities like Avignon, Arles and Montpellier and the Cévennes.

9. Street art culture

One of the finest proofs of the modern character of Nîmes. Here, we celebrate street art and give it room to express itself! The Gambetta district thus acts as a large fresco in perpetual motion. A privileged place of expression for artists powered by Le Spot, an association created in 2013.

10. Fountain Gardens

We end by jumping back in time, when there was only one fountain. A special and revered fountain around which the city was built. The gardens themselves are beautiful. Organized according to the plan of the ancient ancient sanctuary, they allow you to admire several statues around the central nymphaeum.

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