Top 10 proofs that life is more expensive when you are single

– The price of the rent.

– The laziness of banging new dates and having to relearn to a new person why you find it funny to fart in your hand and smell afterwards.

However, the (dissolute) life of single people does not only have advantages. Indeed, many studies have proven that they have to go out much more than couples when they are already too sad every night to cry alone in their bed.

1. In the United States, a single woman pays up to $1 million more than a married woman

This was revealed by a survey conducted by The Atlantic magazine based on all the expenses made during a lifetime. The same study shows that there are more than 1,000 US tax laws favoring married couples.

In France, it’s no better since it is estimated that the standard of living of a couple is 1.5 times higher than that of two single people.

2. Housing is obviously cheaper for couples

It’s so obvious that we don’t even think about denouncing this discrimination. Especially since it’s not just a story of rent: single people are also less likely to find an apartment on their own or to obtain credit for the purchase. In short, it puduk this story of housing for patients who have the absurd idea of ​​not living as a couple.

According to the study already mentioned, in the United States single women (boo the buffoons) spend 39.8% of their annual income on housing, a figure that drops to 30.3% for men, and 23, 9% for couples. Yes, if singles don’t have it easy, girls always take more, but we’ll come back to that.

Top 10 proofs that life is more expensive when you
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3. Globally, couples share all the annoying bills

Without even talking about shopping, simple housing covers a wide spectrum of bills that we most often share when we live as a couple, such as home insurance, telephone bills, electricity, etc. Good after the singles if you don’t want to live with a roommate you break the iouks a little too.

4. Couples have plenty of opportunities to receive gifts.

Birth gifts, wedding gifts, cinder block wedding gifts… Honestly, apart from birthdays, what opportunities are left for single people to hope for crystal porcelain salt shakers?

Top 10 proofs that life is more expensive when you

5. Married employees are paid more

Another study also showed that married men are on average paid 26% more than their single counterparts. And needless to say, married men also have a better chance of getting job interviews.

If we look at the women’s side, it’s not brilliant and if you have the misfortune to be single and a mother you will have an average lower salary of 4% per child.

6. Holidays are expensive for singles

On the one hand, imagine the hassle when all your friends are mad and you don’t necessarily want to go alone with a couple. As long as you don’t have too many single friends, the organization of holidays is immediately more difficult. Unless you like to travel solo and in this case I would only have to point out my most sincere respect.

Still, it still costs more for the simple reason that a single hotel room costs about as much as a couple’s room. Dog of life. Good after as a single you have more chance of bringing someone back to your room to play a game of Scrabble and that, few couples can boast.

7. We spend more money for fishing

Not that we immediately become a filthy yeti when the couple’s bonds are officially enacted, but it is sure that we make less effort. I’m thinking in particular of the chicks (not for fun, I reassure you) who spend a lot of money to wax their schnecks, especially when we generally don’t care anymore once we’ve found a good soul to put in the nose permanently. Let’s say that the investment in beauty, cosmetics and even contraception is a little higher when you look at the price.

8. Single women: at the top of the galley

The two sociologist researchers Céline Bessière and Sibylle Gollac have shown in their book The Gender of Capital: How the Family Reproduces Inequality (ed. la Découverte) that when couples separate they certainly experience a strong impoverishment which is all the higher among women whose standard of living drops by 20% on average one year after the breakup, against 3% for men.

9. Singles clearly get screwed over at parties.

Evenings are the canonical example: guests are asked to bring a bottle. Singles will therefore bring back a bottle, which is normal. Couples, on the other hand, will have no qualms about bringing back a bottle for two. And I can tell you that when I meet couples who act like that, it makes me want to erase them from my life.

10. Reduced portions when shopping are way more expensive.

I don’t know if you’ve ever bought mignonettes of champagne when you want to party alone because you’re not only single but you don’t have any friends, well that costs a lot of money.

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