Top 10 proofs that La Rochelle is the best city in France

Prefecture of Charente-Maritime, La Rochelle is a wonderful city. Not only is it beautiful but there are also plenty of things to do. In the end, when you put all the assets of La Rochelle end to end, you can only come to one conclusion: it is the best city in France. It’s not a point of view, it’s a fact!

1. The Old Port

Smaller and less frequented than that of Marseille, the Old Port of La Rochelle is a constant delight. If only thanks to its two Saint-Nicolas towers which are the emblematic monuments of the city. By far the best place in the city and the one where you can really appreciate its beauty.

2. You can easily access the Ile de Ré

To spend a few days or a few hours there, it’s up to you. Whatever the case, nothing could be simpler than taking a boat trip to take to the open sea and admire the Ile de Ré but also the Ile d’Aix.

3. It’s a famous filming location

It’s very simple: not a year goes by without several films and series being shot in La Rochelle. movies like Beaumarchais, the insolent, Sincere friendships or Things of life, Claude Sautet’s classic. So yes of course, we are far from the Marvel Cinematic Universe but La Rochelle can boast of appearing in The Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indeed, the La Rochelle submarine base, which housed German U-Boats during the Second World War, served as a backdrop during filming.

5. Easy access to Fort Boyard

If it was not used for much before, it is all the same now a true monument of television. We may laugh but when we find ourselves in front, we are less clever.

6. Dolphins

It is not uncommon to come across dolphins in the waters of La Rochelle. Sometimes it’s downright whales that show up and there are also quite a few turtles. In short, the aquatic fauna is rather exciting near La Rochelle.

7. There is a great concert hall

It’s called La Sirene and there’s no shortage of good concerts! A sanctuary dedicated to contemporary music made up of a large 1,270-seat hall, a 420-seat club, a record store and rehearsal studios. Bands like NoFX, Chinese Man, Popa Chubby, The Do, Lilly Wood & The Prick, Izia or even Vitalic and The Brian Jonstone Massacre have played there.

9. The beauty of the old town

The Old Port certainly but also the old town! Where La Rochelle is told through monuments and other old buildings such as the Big Clock, the Chamber of Commerce, the house of doctor Nicolas Venette and of course the famous arcades where it is good to enjoy a coffee or an ice cream. We forgot the half-timbered houses, right?

10. It’s ideally placed

Location is important. Feet in the Atlantic, La Rochelle is not very far from Bordeaux, Nantes, Angoulême and Poitiers. La Rochelle is just over 3 hours from Paris by train. If you’re motivated, you can even sail as far as Brittany, which isn’t really far either.

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