Top 10 proofs that Korean culture is the best in the world

1. Squid Game is one of Netflix’s biggest hits of all time

Drop Game Of Thrones and Desperate Housewives, Squid Game blew up all the stats. This Korean series tells the story of a man in debt participating in gigantic death games to try to win 45.6 billion won. From its launch, the series achieved the best start of all time on Netflix with nearly 111 million views in one month. Yeah, it’s not gross.

2. K-Pop has become our new religion

If you haven’t heard of K-Pop at least once in the past 10 years, it means it’s time to question your existence and verify that you are indeed part of this world. Because K-Pop today has millions of fans around the world and the biggest groups like BTS or Black Pink chain world records and huge cards. Come on, let’s get a little one for the road.

3. Webtoons will undoubtedly revolutionize our relationship to comics

Today, we old people tend to read our comics on paper. Something clearly has-been for a good majority of high school students who now read comics on their phones thanks to webtoons (also called smartoons), Korean comics that can be scrolled through through specialized apps and whose episodes are published regularly. The latest card, Solo Leveling, a dark fantasy webtoon, for example, contains 179 chapters. We follow Sung Jin-Woo, the hero, a monster hunter weaker than his congeners, but who suddenly acquires growing powers. Go admit, you too would have liked to read the Smurfs in webtoon.

4. Gangnam Style’s music video has over 4 billion views

Remember that moment in 2012 when everyone was singing the lyrics to Gangnam Style without understanding them, imitating more or less well the choreo in rodeo mode. It was the good times… Already, at the time, the song was an ultimate card and the clip, the most seen of all time. 10 years later, Gangnam Style is the 10th most viewed video on the entire platform and frankly, that’s saying a lot. OPPA GANGNAM STYLE !

5. Fried chicken is definitely the dish of the moment

It’s been a few years now since Korean food made its mark on the French food landscape. Between the bibimbap and the Korean barbecues, we could already please our stomachs. But now, it’s the fried chicken, or dakgangjeong, that delights the crowds. At the same time, it must be said that this little fried chicken, well caramelized and crunchy-melting to the bite, pleases both the heart and the mind. Yes, I will take a little part of it.

6. Korean beauty routines are in high demand

The culture of beauty being very strong in South Korea, the locals have access to all kinds of products to take care of their little skin. If Korean cosmetics have been very popular in France for years, demand has exploded with Instagram and especially TikTok, where many beauty influencers share their best-of skincare products made in Korea. And yes, yes, placenta face masks do exist.

7. Korean dramas are a hit

Dramatic series and films are one of the Korean specialties that are popular abroad, as evidenced by the latest successes at the box office and on streaming platforms, such as the series Extraordinary Attorney Woo. If you’ve never had the opportunity to watch K-drama, we can only advise you to start with the series Itaewon Class which tells the story of a young Korean who decides to open a restaurant in Seoul to avenge the death of his father. Thriller and good food, that’s all we love.

8. Korean video games are popular

We are all familiar with Japanese video games like Mario Kart or Zelda, but know that Korea is also a figurehead in the field. Fifa Online 3, Battlefield Online and Lost Ark are examples of well-known video games developed in South Korea, to name but a few. Yes, Koreans are very stylish people.

9. The Korean heart has its own emoji

Let’s not forget that the Breton flag still does not have its own emoji even though it has been raining petitions for years to bring it into our smartphones. I think it can therefore be said that the presence of the Korean heart, along with the thumb is the index finger, in our keyboards is the ultimate proof that Korean culture is on its way to dominating the planet.

Top 10 proofs that Korean culture is the best in

10. There is definitely a word for the expansion of Korean culture.

It’s the “little anecdote to come out in the evening” moment of the day: the word “Hallyu” designates the development of Korean culture throughout the world. It was first observed in China in the 90s and is now spreading to quite a few Western countries including France. This is particularly due to the fact that the Korean government invests a lot in the field of culture, clearly helping to disseminate it. Oh yes Jamy!

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