Top 10 proofs that Japan is the best country in the world

Japan is a country that feeds the imagination of many people and makes them dream so much. It is also a country that is ahead in a lot of things (and not just video games). Even if it’s not perfect, there are still some provisions made so that people feel good there, and it really makes you want to import them to us, or even move there. Check it out.

1. Companies will give their employees 3-day weekends

They will be able to work only 4 days a week, 10 hours a day. To some that might seem like a lot, but lots of people put in more hours than that a day. The big advantage is that it leaves a 3-day weekend to do lots of cool stuff, like seeing family or friends.

2. They have menstrual leave

When women are menstruating, they can take paid leave. In addition, it’s been around for a very long time: hang on: you’ll see it’s crazy: be careful, are you ready? : SINCE 1947. That’s got your back, huh?

3. There are men-only cars on the subway

So yes, some people are going to say: “hey, but it’s disgusting for men”, and yes, we understand you, but it’s not going to kill them either. And of course it would be better if everyone could mix without the women ever getting pissed off, but that’s not the case. So for lack of anything better, cars reserved for women are a very good solution for them to feel safe.

4. Still in the metro, people line up to get on the trains

Anyone who has ever taken a crowded metro in Paris knows what a jungle it is to get on. People don’t hesitate to push each other, and if you’re too shy or polite you get passed by some ruthless assholes. Well in Japan, we don’t do that: people get on the platform in order of arrival. They stand one behind the other, wisely, like civilized people, and wait their turn to get on.

5. People are clean

It is well known: in Japan, people do not throw anything on the ground. There are few bins outside, but they still take the trouble to keep their trash with them until they find one. We have lots of garbage cans, but we still leave everything next to it, because we like to give work to the cleaning services (or because we’re stupid, that’s possible too.)

6. Trains are never late

The average delay of Japanese train companies is… 30 seconds. Over there, we simply refuse to be late, it’s just not possible. And when there is an incident independent of the company, such as a suicide on the train tracks, the delay never exceeds 30 minutes. Moreover, if there is the slightest delay of more than 3 minutes, the companies apologize to the travelers and give them supporting documents. It’s nice.

7. Subways are super wide

Decidedly, the Japanese metro is the best on the planet. It is so wide that we could bring a table and chairs to eat there. We won’t, but we could.

8. They have the konbini open 24/7

That too is very well known but it is good to remember: in Japan you always have a store open to help you out. No risk of finding yourself in a mess at 3 a.m. because you need a big packet of chocolate chip cookies. Yes it happens sometimes.

9. It’s modern, yes, but with a lot of respect for tradition

Even though there are big cities like Tokyo that seem straight out of the future, there are temples all over Japan. And we don’t forget the smaller towns either, which have not at all gone into excessive modernism and which contrast with the capital. It’s a good balanced mix.

10. There is much less insecurity

We don’t get mugged in the street (well, it’s very rare, but we still think of Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister who was recently assassinated) and there are few burglaries. People can forget their keys on the door and come home at night without anything moving. Why don’t we have that in France??? We also want to meet nice people.

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