Top 10 proofs that coding isn’t that complicated (yes, I promise)

1. They’re not called computer languages ​​for nothing

Inevitably the first time we see a line of code we have no idea what it means and it’s logical: we don’t know it yet and our eyes are bleeding. To understand a language you have to learn it, like English, Russian or Marseilles. Once we got the basics down, we write tags and scripts like text messages and it’s mega class.

2. It’s all about logic and knowledge

Once you have understood the syntax (how you write this or that language) and a bit of the jargon, all you have to do is understand the logic. And on that there is no secret: you have to eat lines of code until you become the best coder in the whole world (or at least a good dev). We then remember with a smile those moments when we felt like we didn’t care what we wrote.

3. There are more and more super complete tools

It is when we have assimilated the basics and the logic (and we must not rush this step) that we realize that there are a multitude of tools created to save us time and automate our work in order to to focus on the creative part. Hello them Postman to test requests on its APIs and others Docker to launch its apps in containers (if you didn’t understand this sentence, go back and revise).

4. There is a nice community ready to help us on the forums

As soon as you have a question, a blockage or simply a desire to learn a new trick, you can refer to the many forums including the famous site StackOverflow whom you must respect as a spiritual father. And there we regain faith in humanity: everyone helps each other, gives each other tips and explains mistakes in benevolence and fraternity. The best community.

5. You can find all the necessary documentation on free sites

When you want to learn a new language or discover a new technology and you don’t have a trainer, you tend to freak out. But in fact there is NO PROBLEM, you can find in a few clicks all the necessary documentation to learn and practice between two photos of cats. Explanatory texts, tutorials, exercises, videos… All of this is generally available free of charge on reference sites, isn’t that pretty?

6. Even error messages are super clear

Before you start crying while rolling on the ground because of an error message, you should know that text editors (the software in which we code) are more and more complete and tell us directly where the error and its nature, which greatly helps us save time and understand where we went wrong. It makes us real little helpers because not so long ago people were looking for errors in their code for days on end.

7. If we’re stuck, someone was before us (and found the answer)

When we still grope we can find ourselves blocked and here too our colleagues or the forums will be of great help to us. Tell yourself a good thing: if we have a problem, someone had it before us, found the solution and shared it online. You will never be alone again. BUT DON’T FOOLLY COPY AND PASTE CODE, IT DOESN’T HAPPEN.

8. We are quickly thirsty for discovery

When you start to manage a language, you often want to discover others and get out of your comfort zone, that’s when you start having fun. You can discover a lot of very cool new technologies and do various projects: animation, artificial intelligence, database optimization, mobile development, generator of funny animal images… Varied and essential projects.

9. Many languages ​​are very similar

If learning new languages ​​can be scary at first, you quickly realize that many are alike, on the one hand in their syntax, but especially in their logic. In other words, it’s when you learn the first languages ​​that you struggle the most, after that it’s much simpler and faster to tame since you understand more quickly what you’re doing and that you stop typing random characters praying it works (we’ve all done it stop lying).

10. Because the console is life

No I’m not talking about XBOX but about the console of your web browser which will soon have no more secrets for you. The most complete, useful, clear and sympathetic tool of the life of a developer in which one makes appear funny, motivating or insulting words to comfort oneself when one struggles.

Console.log(“Where the hell is the error!!!!!);

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