Top 10 proofs that Belfort is the best city in France

Rather discreet, except in summer, during the Eurockéennes, Belfort is a city that tends to go a little unnoticed. Whereas basically, if you take the time to sit there and appreciate its charms, you realize that in reality, it’s downright the best city in France! Still doubts? Demonstration in 10 key points!

1. The Eurockéennes are the best music festival in the world

Stronger than Coachella, Lollapalooza or Rock in Rio, the Eurockéennes de Belfort were crowned the best music festival on the planet at the Arthur Awards. The big gathering having outstripped all its competitors including the Wacken Open Air, Glastonbury, Summersonic, Rock Werchter and Leeds and Reading. Great performance for this event created in 1989, which today brings together around 130,000 people every year. The older ones have been there! Examples include Nina Hagen, the Pixies, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Faith No More, Les Rita Mitsouko, Rage Against The Machine, Blur, Oasis, FFF, NTM, Rammstein, Asian Dub Foundation, Al Green, Skunk Anansie, The Cranberries or Alanis Morissette… Here are the tickets for the Eurockéennes.

2. The Lion of Belfort

At 11 meters high and 22 meters long, the Lion of Belfort is the largest stone statue in France and the emblem of the city. An absolutely superb pink sandstone statue which is the work of Auguste Batholdi. An authentic 140-year-old masterpiece, still proud and impressive.

3. The Citadel

A monument of capital importance built between the 13th and 19th centuries, the citadel of Belfort serves as an impregnable fortress. Besides the fact that it is here that you can see the famous Lion of Bartholdi, the citadel also tells the fascinating history of the city and the region. You can of course visit it and several shows and other reconstructions are organized there every year.

4. It’s ideally located

Less than 5 hours by car from Paris, Belfort is located very close to the borders with Switzerland and Germany and therefore great places like Bern, Zurich, Stuttgart or Geneva. Perfect to treat yourself to good little weekends without spending too much!

5. It’s near Gérardmer

In Gérardmer where you can ski in winter and hike in summer but where one of the best fantasy film festivals in the world takes place. The successor to the mythical Avoriaz festival, which has been delighting fans every winter since 1994. A kind of more gory, less formal and more accessible version of the Cannes festival.

6. It’s green!

Especially on the side of the Etang des Forges, a kind of sanctuary of 34 hectares where it is good to play sports or rest during the hot season. The Roselière path is thus a perfect walk to enjoy the place, with its footbridges, its wooded areas and its wet meadows. It is also a place very frequented by nearly 150 species of birds. All in all, Belfort has 450 hectares of forest and many green spaces.

7. It’s not too big

We agree, the best city in France cannot have too many inhabitants. Otherwise, it’s a mess. With its 47,656 souls, Belfort therefore stands out as a sufficiently large city, with everything you need to be well, but not too much either. In short, the perfect balance!

8. The city is committed to a sustainable development policy

Which is still super important these days.

9. There is the most beautiful market in France-Comté

A must-see, the Fréry market is not only super beautiful, with its spectacular metal structure and large bay windows, but it also offers the possibility of tasting many of the region’s gastronomic specialties. Local products to make you happy with the excellent gastronomy of Franche-Comté.

10. The Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park

Located north of Belfort, this natural park is one of the largest in France. Home to many animals such as the gray wolf, the Eurasian lynx, the chamois and the beaver, it stands out as the perfect place to ski in winter and remains absolutely ideal for long hikes the rest of the time. A wild sanctuary at the gates of the city.

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