Top 10 proofs that being godfather/godmother is the best role

When someone has a child, the time often comes to choose a godfather and godmother to accompany him in life and take care of him from time to time. Well, always hope to be chosen as godfather or godmother, because it’s the best role you can have in your life (unless you’re an actor in Hollywood of course, but I seriously doubt it).

1. You don’t have to deal with diapers and parent-teacher meetings.

When you’re a godfather/godmother, you don’t do all that boring parenting stuff like sleepless nights, visits to the doctor, homework not done or chewing gum tangled in your hair (yes, it happens). No, you only see your godchild for good times, such as birthdays, Disney outings, family meals, etc. It’s like having a kid, but cool.

2. Always give you the best gifts

For your godchild, you always blow up the budget because it makes you happy, and suddenly you come back to birthdays or Christmas with super stylish gifts. You can even allow yourself to offer toys that make noise, like a battery or a megaphone, because in any case it’s not you who will have the inconvenience (and you can imagine with pleasure his parents who will suffer because of you, of course).

Top 10 proofs that being godfather/godmother is the best role

3. If the kid pisses you off, you can always ghost him

Yes, because we know that not all children are creams, and the problem when you’re a parent is that you have to take them all the way. On the other hand, when you are godfather / godmother, you have no legal commitment vis-à-vis these human beings and you can at any time decide not to have any more contact with a boring child. It’s super practical.

4. You can give him bad advice without having to face the consequences.

Most parents stress over the idea of ​​raising their kids badly and seeing them become big delinquents, wankers or other slappers. It’s totally normal, since it’s their kids. But the godparents, even if they try hard to give good advice to their godchildren, can fail from time to time without having to pay the price. Yes it’s totally selfish as a way of thinking, but it’s the strict truth.

Top 10 proofs that being godfather/godmother is the best role

5. He/she will sometimes prefer you to his/her own parents.

All because you’ll be cooler and let him do things his parents told him not to do. Granted, it’s unfair to them, but that’s how it is. They had only to be sponsors.

6. You can show off to other friends in the group who are not godparents

Because yeah, never having been chosen as godfather/godmother is still a bit of a loser. When you are, you therefore officially have the right to tell it to yourself, but don’t abuse it too much either, so as not to make your friends cry, whom no one has ever trusted.

Top 10 proofs that being godfather/godmother is the best role

7. You will be able to choose your godchild to be godfather/godmother of your own kids

And thus create an endless succession of referrals that will honestly bring you nothing more than the simple satisfaction of having finally created something cool in your life.

8. He/she can confide things to you that he/she doesn’t dare to tell his/her parents

As godfather/godmother, if you have succeeded in establishing a bond of trust, chances are that you will be the first to know about what is happening in the life of your godson. In case of big bullshit, first love or questions about how we do when we accidentally smash the door of the parents’ car, you will be the first to know. So it’s a bit boring because you’ll have to think about giving good advice, but it’s pretty nice to know that you’ve become a trustworthy person.

Top 10 proofs that being godfather/godmother is the best role

9. You can think you’re Sirius Black

He’s the most stylish godfather figure in literature, so it’s quite tempting to identify with him (except for the whole prison/clandestine life/premature death part, because that’s still pretty dumb).

10. You can think of yourself as The Godfather

And speaking with an Italian mafia accent, and living off organized crime, and killing people, and… no, actually that’s a really bad idea.

Top 10 proofs that being godfather/godmother is the best role

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