Top 10 proofs that Barcelona is overrated, not so phew this city

All of Europe, if not the whole world, rushes to Barcelona to party, visit the monuments, eat tapas and gather in the Ramblas, rotting the lives of the inhabitants in the process. Instead of going to see what is going on in Madrid, Seville or Bilbao, the basic tourists flock to Barcelona. A city overrated on many levels. Why ? Here are the 10 most obvious reasons.

1. It’s full of people

Yes that’s the number one reason because it’s really painful. There’s no way to walk cushy in the Gothic Quarter without being jostled. You have to queue everywhere, the monuments are stuffed, people talk loudly and it’s worse in the evening. In short, to rest, go elsewhere. It’s quieter and it’s cheaper.

2. The Sagrada Familia is still under construction

And it’s been going on since 1882. No, but what the hell is this? You show up to visit a church that was sold to you as being the most beautiful in the world and you find yourself hanging around for 3 plumbs in full sun to admire what? Exactly cranes. Inside it’s not too bad but since you have to wait for hours, the game is really not worth the candle. Even if it means watching work, I still prefer to look out my window to see how the third lane of the ring road is progressing.

3. It’s full of tourist traps

It’s very simple: from the moment you leave the hotel, the city tries to extract wheat from you by all means. The flashiest restaurants are rarely the best and you are charged a fortune for trinkets that you will never take out of your bag or that you will break before. The best thing is to follow our advice to avoid tourist traps in Barcelona.

4. Their football team doesn’t hold up.

But it’s logical: an overrated city, an overrated team.

5. It’s not good to breathe

It is true. And that explains it! Yes, because the city’s sewer system is very old. And suddenly, it is no longer very efficient. As a result, it stinks often and almost everywhere.

6. The beaches are crowded

Unable to find a place. Unless you love to eat sand or find yourself next to a guy who sweats like a calf, there are bound to be better spots in Spain to enjoy the Mediterranean.

7. You have to fight to find good tapas

Yes, they still exist but the bad ones are well established. In Barcelona today, unfortunately, eating patatas bravas is like ending up with a plate full of thawed potato squares with a tasteless mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup.

8. It’s more expensive than before

It is often said that the cost of living is lower in Spain than in France. That’s generally true, but not so much in Barcelona. Rents, for example, are now as exorbitant as at home and for the rest, it’s not much better. But what could be more logical? After all, it’s normal to want to take advantage of tourists who, anyway, don’t know the difference between a real ham croquette and an old McDonald’s nugget.

9. Antoni Gaudí

Rest in peace, but Antoni Gaudi did not only do very glorious things. Considered the architect of Barcelona, ​​he designed Park Güell, Güell Palace, Casa Milà, Casa Vicens, Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo. So many widely overrated monuments that have given Barcelona its visual identity.

10. It’s Disgusting

Maybe not during the day, and again it depends on the corner, but in the morning, after hundreds of drunkards have pissed and vomited in the street, Barcelona looks like an open dump. I’m just exaggerating.

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