Top 10 proofs that Andalucia is the coolest region in Spain

Spain, overall, it smashes. Barcelona (if it’s still in Spain), Madrid, Valencia (if it’s still in Spain)… yes it’s all very cool. But there’s even cooler. Well in the south, over there, at the gates of the Maghreb, the Andalusians make everyone agree, and without forcing. Partly because on their flag, there’s a super well shaped girl surrounded by 2 lions, but not only (it’s true that it would make a little ledge’). A 100% guaranteed top with no pieces of Kendji Girac in it.

1. Guys know what good weather is.

30 degrees most of the year and sun, sun, sun. Once they saw a cloud apparently, but apparently it just got lost.

2. Guys know what it’s like to eat well.

It’s very simple, to all the classic Spanish specialties, you can add the small specificities of the region, which has the immense advantage of being by the sea, so you might as well tell yourself that it’s raining “pescado frito » and « chipirones », and that we like it.

3. Guys know what it’s like to eat well, in good weather

We don’t do them. You’re still not going to have a soup under this dodger? Opt instead for an excellent Andalusian gazpacho, or one of its many variants, each more delicious than the other: salmorejo (thicker gazpacho, with diced ham and egg), ajo blanco (white gazpacho with garlic)… It’s good, it’s refreshing: we sign with both hands.

4. Guys know what it’s like to drink well

Local beer side: Cruzcampo, Alhambra, Victoria you will be spoiled for choice. On the wine side too: Pedro Ximénez, Malaga, Montilla-Moriles, Manzanilla… To spoil nothing, they have the decency not to bleed you at the time of the bill. And we like that. Una caña por favor!

5. Guys know what it’s like to drink well, in good weather

We (always) don’t do them. Too hot to drink coffee? Opt for a café con hielo (coffee shake). The wine is not refreshing enough for you? Order a small Tinto de Verano (Wine lengthened with lemonade: said like that it sounds weird but in real life it’s very pleasant) or a fresh sangria! And for non-alcoholics (no one is perfect), a good little horchata, or a granizado to enjoy while keeping a cool head!

6. Guys know what a pig is

In fact, they know how to turn pork into caviar. It is called Iberian (that’s race) Bellota (meaning it’s acorn fed) and when you taste it for the first time you’ll get a nosebleed, then PLS in the corner of the room, crying. Your life will never be the same after this.

7. Guys speak Spanish

This will save you from being glared at by the waiter to whom you will place an order with your rudiments of 4th grade Spanish: hello people from Barcelona! (Well in real life we ​​like you too huh, don’t be sulky)

8. Guys know what tolerance is.

As proof, for several centuries, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, and gypsies cohabited “peacefully” (= without getting too sintered). Each even bringing their own touch to the culture of the country. Well, don’t look too closely either, because there was still a moment when the Catholics took over, when they kicked all these beautiful people out, in pretty dirty conditions. Don’t mess around either, huh…

9. The guys have an ultra original heritage

Precisely because it comes from the multiculturalism mentioned above. A short tour of the “mosque-cathedral” of Cordoba or the Alcazar of Seville will allow you to discover the grandeur of Mudejar architecture, at the crossroads between Muslim and Christian/Jewish know-how. As for the gypsies, they are no strangers to the development of Flamenco, and to the equestrian expertise of the region.

10. Guys practice the art of napping

Take a walk in Triana (Seville), between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., and you will understand that in this heat you have nothing to do there, and that if the streets are totally deserted, it is because the locals have been there for a long time. ‘understood. A region where siesta is an institution: what if that was the definition of paradise?

So, does it make you want to go elsewhere? That’s the point ! “You, you, my beautiful…” SHUT UP !

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