Top 10 production secrets of Married at First Sight, the best show

You too are watching Married at First Sight, the best show in the world? Maybe you even follow MAPR episode recaps like real fans? Well if that’s your case, you’re probably asking yourself 1000 questions behind the scenes of the program, like how it’s going in real life, how much we pay for alliances or how much the candidates earn. As I too was asking myself these questions, I went to dig into the most obscure corners of TV magazines, and I found the answers. Here are my little finds on the production of MAPR:

1. Women can choose a dress that costs between 1500 and 2500 euros

If you don’t know the wedding dress world well, know that it’s a rather comfortable budget, because at 2000 euros, you can have designer dresses that are really not yucky. Afterwards it is sure that there are always more expensive and that some will go for 4000 euros for luxury, but the candidates of MAPR are really nothing to complain about.

2. For men, the suit is between 710 and 910 euros

No, it’s not about sexism: a nice suit simply costs less than a nice wedding dress. Namely that Samson, the tailor to whom the bride and groom have been going since the first season, is doing a little promo for the production since the show brings him a lot of visibility. It’s give-and-take.

3. The alliance budget is between 350 and 1225 euros

Candidates are offered a selection of alliances from which they can choose, and again the budget is relatively comfortable. The most expensive alliance chosen so far is that of Matthew (from season 4) which is made of palladium and costs 1225 euros. Not gross.

5. The price of weddings exceeds 13,500 euros

The castle rented for the wedding evening already costs candy, but to that must be added the guest houses in which the candidates sleep the day before the wedding (around 150 euros per night). Finally, we quickly hit the 13,500 balls, and that’s not counting the make-up, the decoration, the caterer, or the accommodation of the guests. Like what, even by making weddings in the chain, the prod lengthens the money so that it is done well.

6. Weddings last more than an hour and a half

When you watch the show, you have the impression that everything happens extremely quickly: the families arrive, the husband shows up, and finally the bride enters. The mayor speaks for 5 minutes, we kiss, and it’s over. In reality, everything is much longer. Everyone waits for ages for the future spouses to arrive, and the intervention of the mayor lasts more around 20 minutes, as in a real wedding at the town hall. But we don’t show you everything, otherwise it would be a bit boring all the same.

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7. Applicants earn the hourly minimum wage

For a full day of filming, we therefore type in the 80 euros. At that price, it is in your interest that you have been chosen an alliance at 1200 bucks to make it profitable. At the same time, do we participate in Married at First Sight for money? No, we do it for LOVE. But OK.

8. Candidates work approximately 16 days in total

The shootings are spread over a period of 6 months but the cameras are not with the candidates all the time (you have to let them breathe a little bit anyway). The newlyweds are only really filmed for 16 full days, which allows them to live their little story away from prying eyes.

9. The candidates sign their marriage contract the morning of the day of the ceremony

They go to the notary (without seeing each other) to sign a small separation of property contract, which is still a little safer when you participate in this kind of show. It would be stupid to lose half your money for getting divorced after 12 days. With a separate property contract, at least, there is no risk.

10. The production must rent property so that the candidates can get married in Grans

Normally, when you want to get married in a city, you have to live there or have a relative who lives there. However, no participant in the show lives in Grans, where many marriages at first sight have been made. As a result, to circumvent the problem, the prod finds locations in the name of all the candidates so that they are considered as inhabitants of Grans. It’s a little weird but it’s clever.

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