Top 10 Producers Who Went Far to Avoid the Spoiler

As you know, today everything is subject to spoilage: a film, a series, a game, a music album, a book… The only way to fight against that is to see or read the work. as soon as it is released, and again, spoilers sometimes arrive even before the product is officially available. In order to fight against spoilers (this word exists, it’s not mine, but it does exist), producers and film and series production companies are trying to find improbable techniques and we’re going to see some of them. right now.

1. Tarantino and “Once upon a time in Hollywood”

At the time of Hateful Eight Tarantino was devastated when his script leaked, which forced him to delay production and change the ending, but more importantly to grab everyone he passed by the collar yelling “you made it. leak my script? », no messing around he was not happy. To prevent it from happening again he kept the scenario of Once upon a time in Hollywood in a safe and only had Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie read it in full. However, he didn’t completely trust his three lead actors and he watched them read it cover to cover.

2. The script written in red and white of the latest “Star Wars” trilogy

Already needless to say that few people had the complete scenario of each part (not even certain that the definitive version of the film had a scenario), but in addition it was printed in particularly illegible colors which prevented photocopying or photographs . Several actors had also pointed out that it was absolutely not comfortable to read, but if the story had leaked people would not have gone to see it so it was better that way.

3. Lost: shooting different season endings

It started to become a bit of a habit to avoid spoilers to shoot several different season endings and Lost had done for the final of his fourth. The idea is obviously to counter the leaks from the inside and to be able to change if someone does not hold their tongue. Not dumb. However, regarding Lost they would have done better to shoot only one ending in the last season and make it a good one. Yeah, I still haven’t digested.

4. The world’s most famous line changed on the set of “Star Wars”

You may not know it, but during the filming of the ultra-famous scene of Star Wars where Darth Vader tells Luke he’s his father, the text wasn’t that at all. The actor in the costume had the line “Obi-Wan killed your father” and only the voice actor of the character had the real text to prevent people on the set from learning the truth before time and telling it to their neighbours.

5. An anti-drone barrier on the set of “Game of Throne”

In order to prevent curious little ones from coming to film on the set of GOT, the production had a kind of wave barrier made that twisted these curious little contraptions and prevented them from capturing stolen images. I need the same thing when I tan in a monokini in the Leclerc parking lot in Saint-Raphael during the summer holidays.

6. Walking Dead: kill everyone when Negan arrives

Exactly like the series Lost had done it, the series walking dead decided to shoot several variations of the Negan arrival scene so that it was not known who was going to die with a baseball bat. Those who had read the Walking Dead comics (which we recommend) knew that this scene was not only striking, but important and we understand why the series avoided spoilers on it. That doesn’t stop the series from stinking.

7. Avengers storyline destroyed every day to avoid leaks

It’s a nice waste, but the cast ofavengers had access to several pages of the scenario (only the scenes which concerned them) and when they were going to leave the plate, one recovered the pages which one destroyed directly. Additionally, the name of the person to whom the script was given was watermarked all over the page so that one could directly identify the leaker if there was one.

8. The fake name on Batman’s grave in “Dark Knight Rises”

All the members of the team thought they were filming the funeral of Miranda Tate, the first name of Talia (Marion Cotillard) in the film when in reality it was that of Bruce Wayne. And to prepare for that, nothing like putting a fake name on a tombstone and having Christian Bale come on set in a suit to pretend he was still alive. Nobody was able to swing the end because too few people knew it and that was well done.

9. Fake headlines about the Broadchurch series storyline

The authors of the series Broadchurch had shown a rather good inventiveness since they had simply put false titles on the cover page of the screenplays in case people found them on the street. And these titles were deliberately boring, like “tea and sympathy” and the names of the characters were changed so that no one was spoiled.

10. The Justice League: shooting a scene in a garden

Well there, it’s even crazier because the director Zack Snyder did not want to prevent the public from knowing something, but squarely the studio which produced the film. He brought an actor into his garden to shoot a scene in secret with a new character, Green Lantern, while the studio had refused. Then, the scene was edited very discreetly and added to the latest version of the film just before broadcast.

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