Top 10 prices for small everyday things, you will save money

Every day we do things that cost us money. Please note I am not talking about restaurants or shopping, no, no. Open your fridge, do your dishes, watch TV… All that has a cost young padawan (yeah I know this expression is outdated galore but I don’t care I was born before 1990 which gives me the right to claim my old-fashionedness ). So here is a little recap of the stuff you do at home and what it really costs for real.

Please note these prices are averages, they may vary depending on your region, the equipment used, whether you use them during off-peak hours or not, the type of heating. In short, they serve above all to give you a little idea.

1. A shower = 50 cents

Not the shower at 86°C for 25 minutes, huh. We start on a small daily shower of 5 minutes (which must not consume more than 75 liters), otherwise it does not work. So that’s $180 a year. Cleanliness is expensive, otherwise you can also be dirty.

Not the shower at 86°C for 25 minutes, huh. We start on a small daily shower of 10 minutes (which must not consume more than 70 liters), otherwise it does not work. Be careful you can also take a cold shower and lower the cost without using electricity, in which case you will only pay for the water so like 20 cents. AH LOW SUPER GOOD PLAN.

These figures vary of course depending on the duration of the shower, the shower head used (the most recent ones only release 7 liters of water per minute), but it can give you an idea.

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2. One bath = €1

There it hurts. A bath consumes on average 175 liters of water (unless you live in a very large apartment and in fact you don’t have a bathtub but a swimming pool, in this case do not hesitate to send me an envelope with money so I can buy a Christmas tree for my dying mother). A bath every day amounts to spending €365 per year (because there are 365 days in the year in fact, so it’s super easy to do this calculation). But above all, it goes without saying that it’s not the most eco-friendly gesture.

3. A washing machine = 93 cents

According to this site, we therefore start on a budget of 70 euros per year for a family of 4 people and it goes down to 44 euros for a single person. Indeed, a machine costs a lot in water but also in electricity, which is why it is better not to wash your clothes at more than 30°C.

Anyway, if you don’t know anything about machine programs and fragile fabrics, don’t risk washing above 30°C to avoid having size eight clothes. Unless you’re eight years old. But in this case, your clothes will be size 2 years. Unless it’s your parents who make your machines because even when you’re eight years old, you don’t give a fuck other than washing your own clothes.

Top 10 prices for small everyday things you will save
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4. A dishwasher = 18 cents

Again it depends on the size of the animal, its quality and the use you make of it. The most recent devices consume 10 L of water per cycle, so on average 3 cents (remember that water costs about 0.3 cents per litre). However, to this is added the electricity consumption which will be around 15 cents per cycle.

Moreover, its annual cost can vary widely if you have been single for fifteen years (and you eat mainly burgers that do not require any dishes) or if you are married with eight children. Below 4 people per household, it’s especially better to do the dishes yourself, filthy lazy.

5. A night of heating = a lot of heat

In 2015, the French paid an average of €1,590 for heating per year. But this cost is very variable depending on whether you live in a maid’s room or in a palace, whether your windows are broken or whether you have double glazing, etc. So we can’t really tell you how much a night’s heating costs. This point is therefore not really useful for you, which is why I suggest you go to this link instead.

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6. Recharge your phone = 1.26 euros (per year)

Indeed, we often believe that charging our laptop will cost us a lot of electricity, but in fact not that much. Well, this cost is evaluated on a laptop that is charged every two days, so we can a priori multiply it by two insofar as current smartphones must be charged every two hours. In reality, what costs more is to leave your charger plugged in and the multitude of objects you have to charge (computer, tablet, vibrator, animatronic, etc.). (source).

7. Flushing the toilet = 35 cents

A price that can change depending on whether you make a slender and graceful pee or a filthy turd of daron. Difficult to assess the annual cost knowing that certain times of the year are more exposed to an intense relationship with the toilet: Christmas because we eat a lot, New Year because we drink a lot etc. Otherwise you can also pee in the shower or in your bath to increase the temperature of the water.

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8. Using a microwave = 1 euro for ten hours of use

On the other hand, there is a priori nothing that requires such a long cooking time or a very large glacier, but in this case you need a larger and therefore more expensive microwave.

9. Using an oven = 10 to 22 cents

It depends of course on the type of equipment you have, class A, B or C, your oven can consume from 20 to 46 € per year (based on four weekly firings).

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10. A fridge = cold

As for the rest, the bill can vary greatly depending on the size of the fridge and its energy class. A large fridge can consume up to €200 per year. The simplest thing is still to separate yourself from this demonic object and live happier by running naked in the fields, especially in Paris.

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