Top 10 pranks by really stupid people, the bad joke

We all like good jokes and having a laugh, personally, it’s my passion with combine harvesters. But some people go a little too far in the joke, because it already starts from a very bad idea and the prank goes wrong. And as I know you and you absolutely need examples to feel complete, I am offering you a small in-house selection.

2. The woman who calls the police because her husband just shot her daughter

A woman was the victim of a phone number hijacking, it happens and it’s boring. The pranksters used her number to call the police and say that her husband had just shot his daughter before locking himself in their apartment. Inevitably the anti-criminal brigade showed up to realize that it was just a very rotten (and dangerous) joke.

3. Essonne: A college student serves a cannabis cake to his classmates and his teacher

Well, needless to say that making people take drugs of any kind without their consent is super serious and very stupid. There in more the kid got into the shit because spinning to his teacher is a stage of a greater degree in bullshit which can be very expensive.

4. The teenager who canceled a flight because of a photo of a gun

Obviously this kind of thing only happens in the United States, a teenager shared on Airdrop (Apple sharing software) an image of an Airsoft weapon, which logically freaked out the people on board who had access to the service . People were asked to get off the plane because it was not safe at all and we quickly found the culprit who was none other than this little prick.

5. Fake covid masks in Indonesia

Two foreign youtubers had the idea to make a joke filmed by entering a store in Bali with fake masks painted on their faces. Lack of luck, the country not messing around with the health situation at all, the video that went viral which was not to everyone’s taste caused the confiscation of their passports and then their final expulsion from the country. Say goodbye tourists.

6. The fake attack that mobilizes a gendarme helicopter

A young woman simulated an attack on the phone by calling the gendarmerie, which quite logically meant that the gendarmerie arrived on site by helicopter to rescue the victim before realizing that it was just a joke by some teenagers. And to think that at our age we were content to ring the doorbell and run away.

7. The fake hostage-taking at Ubisoft

An anonymous phone call announcing a hostage taking in the offices of Ubisoft Montreal and the anti-terrorist police dispatched to the scene to realize after two hours that it was a big bullshit. Everyone freaked out and stressed because of someone who obviously didn’t give a damn about their evening.

8. An EasyJet flight intercepted by a Spanish fighter jet after a passenger’s prank

While on board a plane bound for the Balearic Islands, a teenager decided to post a fake bomb threat on social media. As a result, the plane was escorted by a fighter jet to a secure location where the 18-year-old prankster was arrested. Little prick who screwed up everyone’s day.

9. The TV news producer who cracks a bad volcano eruption joke.

The problem with April Fool’s jokes is that if it seems too serious it can quickly screw up. This is what happened in the 80s in Massachusetts when in the middle of the TV news it was announced that a volcano had just erupted. If the channel had decided to write at the end of the sequence that it was April Fool’s Day, it was already too late and panic had won over the spectators who rushed out of their homes and flooded with calls the local police.

10. The couple who put their baby up for sale

By wanting to prank an acquaintance by offering to sell him their newborn baby, a couple from the North of France was arrested by the municipal police because their interlocutor had taken the valve a little too seriously. Misinterpreted, the joke cost them custody of the child and the couple will have to continue the process to recover it. These people who have no sense of humor really screw things up all the time.

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