Top 10 playground games and what they meant about you

Having once been a child with a yoyo and a string, I quickly realized how ingenious the playground was: you put children in a very, very large enclosure, and that’s where the magic operates. With two or three trinkets, a brain and bodies in pretty good shape, in the space of fifteen minutes everyone had found their tribe, even you, and that says a lot about your psychological profile.

I investigated for you.

1. The jump rope: the electric battery

We recognize you in the distance by your slender silhouette and your impeccably brushed hair. Concentration, skill and agility, you are the person everyone admires because aiming for the moon doesn’t scare you. In concrete terms, we are close to perfection, but this excess energy is unfortunately a brake on your notes, which are close to zero.

2. Gendarmes VS robbers: the epicurean

Aka “girls catch guys” aka the world’s smartest game when you wanted to nab your CM1B crush. You were that heartbreaker always at the center of the drama. The little tricksters who love this game are also often the same ones who serve themselves 7 portions of fries in the canteen, leaving behind the tomato players in their disarray.

3. Marbles: vintage

We appreciate your Olympian calm before performing this decisive triple rotary flip in the direction of this nugget, that said, you have this slight tendency to bring it back a little too much, especially since you received congratulations at the class council. Not really popular, you’re even more of a lone wolf with that je-ne-sais-quoi spark of nostalgia that shines in your eyes, determined to maintain the hype of this historic hobby.

4. The tomato: the sloth

Well then you sport was clearly not your thing. As a reminder, this activity consisted of passing a foam ball between his legs with his hands in a more than questionable position, while forming a circle so as to kick his neighbor. Lazy assumed, you were this nice guy but without great ambition in life. Unless you like cult-type gatherings, you yourself weren’t quite sure how you got here that day.

5. The rubber band: the manipulator / the manipulated

Here, several scenarios are possible depending on your role.

The Player: Your composure and skill are legendary. You’re always the one we can count on for a game of Doctor Maboul or defusing a bomb.

The one who holds the rubber band with his ankles: know that you are only a pawn and that no one has ever loved you.

6. Cat: the braggart

You have all the characteristics of the jump rope champion. Your little extra? You feed exclusively on red meat and the fear of your victims.

7. Pokémon cards: the trader

Business is business, and you understood that from an early age in the courtyard; playing doesn’t interest you that much no, you want own. Real shark but resolutely stylish, you are someone who hates routine and you live for the thrill.

Today you are the most formidable Gaming YouTuber and the most broke bitcoiner.

8. The hawk: the boss

Basically, the hawk is at recess what Slytherin is at Hogwarts: like this bird of prey from the Accipitridae family, you are endowed with a keen intelligence and ruthless cruelty. You are a leader with a crazy charisma, but sometimes you speak in Latin all by yourself while writing the names of your enemies with your blood on the walls of your apartment and frankly it is not correct.

9. Hopscotch: the tasteless

You are deadly bored, I have no other explanation. Besides, if you’ve always wondered why I never spoke to you at school, now you know.

10. Three little cats: the silliest

Straw hat, straw hat, straw hat straw straw straw… Doormat, doormat, doormat his his his… Sleepwalker, sleepwalker, sleepwalker bull bull bull… Bulletin, bulletin, bulletin tin tin briefif you’ve ever had fun singing this insignificant spell of sorcery, you deserve no better than the hopscotch kid.

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