Top 10 players who will play their last World Cup in Qatar

This World Cup in Qatar will most certainly mark the end of many football legends who are well past their thirties and for whom this is surely the last participation (sniff, it makes us look old). Even the best things have an end, it will give us at least a good reason to watch this World Cup to see them one last time (even if the World Cup in Qatar is bad).

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, 37 (yes yes, 37)

Well the course of the Portuguese star started a little badly given that Portugal went through the stage of the play-offs for the qualifications of the World Cup (wow shame). CR7, like Messi, would like to win this prestigious title to end his career in style. And even if it’s not won for Portugal, it’s not totally impossible either, we must not forget that in addition to CR7, there is Joao Felix, Pepe or even Bernado Silva.

2. Lionel Messi turns 35 in Qatar

It’s kind of the last chance for the Argentinian to shine in the national team and finally get the ultimate title he’s been waiting for all his career: that of world champion.

Argentina have already won the Copa America in 2021, so it’s safe to say that Leo is confident with his team. Why not try to get the title, he had not gone so far in 2014.

3. Thiago Silva, 38 years old in Qatar

Soon the quarantine for Thiagoooo, ouch it hurts. It will therefore probably be the Brazilian’s last participation in a World Cup, and he too has never won one in his career, so it would really be the moment. Wake up Titi, it’s now or never.

4. Dani Alves, 38, soon to be 39

Like his colleague Thiago Silva, Dani Alves is approaching the small midlife crisis (olalaaaa). The Seleção theoretically has everything it takes to win this World Cup, after the Brazilians we know them, at any time they take a 7-1 in the face so good…

Let’s remember all the same that they finished in first place in the qualifications for the world championship, they are off to a good start in this world championship.

5. Angel Di Maria, 34 years old

Di Maria will be in the same boat as Leo Messi for this World Cup: they will have to move their ass or they will die without having won the World Cup (yes I am extreme, but it is the strict truth).

In addition to that, Di Maria is about to end his contract with his emblematic club: PSG. We can only wish him to bounce back a few months later in the World Cup.

6. Luka Modric, 36

Golden Ball 2018, the captain of Croatia was also voted best player in the world in 2018 and he excels with Real, especially during the last meeting with Chelsea. One can logically think that it is possible for him to lead his Croatian team to victory.

Croatia will face the Belgians soon, we just have to wait to see if this can be Modric’s year or if he will end his career without this beautiful trophy.

7. Robert Lewandowski, 33

Lewandowski is 33 years old and he will be 34 at the World Cup, which means that this edition will surely be his last. Already the Pole is in the race for the golden ball with Karim Benzema (but we know that it’s KB9 who will win hehe), he has a little extra pressure with this world to tick all the boxes of the charts of his career (but it seems unlikely that Poland will win).

8. Karim Benzema, 34 years old

The participation of the best striker of the moment in the world with the blues is still uncertain. Benzema will appear in June for the Valbuena sex tape case, everything will depend on the verdict.

This year, KB9 is in a very good position to win the golden ball, if he also participates in the World Cup, his career would be even greater (especially since Qatar would be the last opportunity for him) so we cross our fingers.

9. Sergio Busquet, 33

The Barça boss, who has more than 10 long years with the Catalan club, could perhaps bring his team far enough in the competition… Well, we don’t really believe it. In short, we will still miss the little Sergio who literally marked a generation in the Catalan club.

10. Pepe, 39 years old

Pepe, already 39 years old and still with all his teeth, commands respect. As CR7 the Portuguese has already won the Euro with his team in 2016 (painful memory for us French people…) so why not hope for a little more this year in the World Cup to sublimate this long career?

A nice bit of old age in the teeth is always good.

And again, we haven’t talked about everyone, we could also mention Hugo Lloris, Luis Suarez, Jordi Alba or Thomas Muller.

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