Top 10 plagiarism cases that will destroy your childhood, everything but not Nemo

Plagiarism is commonplace in all fields, but it is the artistic milieu that is the most affected. We have already talked about plagiarized films, songs that look alike or copied series, but to tell the truth, no creator is spared. Today, we share with you the most scandalous plagiarisms: those that affect our Proust madeleines, childhood memories. If you don’t want to find out that your favorite cartoon or your teenage song is a copy, you can instead read the best tweets about childhood memories, it’s always a winner.

1. Finding Nemo

In 1995, Franck Le Calvez submitted to the SACD the script for Pierrot the clown fish, a children’s book released in 2002. It is the story of a small clownfish who loses his father, eaten by a lionfish, then is separated from his mother, whom he finds at the end of the work. Does that remind you of something ? Amazing. Franck le Calvez attacked Pixar when the film was released The world of Nemo by calling for a ban on the distribution of products derived from the film. Unfortunately for him, Pixar totally denies and Pierrot the clown fish remain forever unknown to all.

Top 10 plagiarism cases that will destroy your childhood, everything but not nemo

2. The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony

Bitter Sweet Symphony, it’s a hit from our childhood (obviously). The problem is that part of the song was stolen from the Rolling Stones on their title The Last Time. Indeed, the whole part with the violins (the most cult in fact) is directly taken from this song. We immediately realize this with the instrumental version.

3. Dragon Ball Z OST

The music of dragonball are cults, it is undeniable. Too bad they are almost all big plagiarisms. For the record, Kenji Yamamoto is the composer of many video game and anime music from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Dragon Ball Z Kai, a short version of the world famous anime, and Yamamoto is the composer of the new music created for this series. Finally, not really “created” since many similarities have been noticed with the music of great Hollywood films like Avatar Where terminator. The real problem is that Yamamoto was not at his first attempt since it was later revealed that a large number of his so-called “original” creations were in fact only plagiarisms. In the lot, there are many OSTs of Dragon Ball Z.

4. Viva la vida – Coldplay

Everyone remembers Viva la Vida, this absolutely unbearable supermarket song. Well can you imagine that this song is a beautiful plagiarism of If I could fly by Joe Satriani. In 2008, the latter launched legal proceedings against the group. Eventually, the two parties reached an amicable settlement and hopefully the good Joe got a good chunk of cash.

5. The Lion King

What a great story the Lion King is, a film reminiscent of Hamlet’s story with the world’s saddest cartoon death. Too bad that this beautiful film is only a huge plagiarism. Does anyone know the story of Kimba, the little white lion cub? No, no one? Kimba the White Lion Where King Leo is a 1950 manga adapted into a Japanese animated film. The story is that of a lion cub who sees his father murdered and who must learn to become an adult to ensure the succession to the throne as King of the Jungle. Nothing familiar, no really.

6. Olive and Tom’s OST

Olive and Tom, it’s one of the cult anime of our childhood. A football team, kids who take 5 episodes to cross a field and downright brilliant credits music. “Olive and Tom, they are still in good shape, Tom, Olivier, are super trained, Tom, Olivier, they came to win…”, that’s what we sang in front of the TV. Because of course, we only know the French version and it is unfortunately this one which is a good plagiarism. The lyrics are original (still happy) but the music is actually from another cartoon: Lupine III. The explanation is quite simple. At the beginning, Olive and Tom was broadcast on La Cinq (a channel which has disappeared since 1992) and the director of the channel also owned an Italian channel where it was broadcast Lupine III. Instead of creating new original music for Olive and Tomthe owner has only dipped into his catalog.

7. Robinson Sucroe

In 2011, the creator of the famous Casimir was convicted of plagiarism. Indeed, his cartoon Robinson Sucroe (inspired by the story of Robinson Crusoe) was in fact only a plagiarism of an original Quebec idea: Robinson Curiosity. The producer and production company were ordered to pay $5.2 million to Claude Robinson, the series’ original writer.

8. Frozen – Madonna

Madonna is our whole childhood and adolescence; so much so that I sometimes catch myself humming hung-up without valid reason. However, one of her songs is not really hers. In effect, Frozen is a copy-paste of My Life Is Going Off, a Belgian title by Salvatore Acquaviva. In 2005, a judgment ruled in favor of the Belgian gentleman who was not happy and the song was banned from sale in Belgium for 9 years before the Court of Appeal ruled in February 2014 “that there was no of plagiarism on the part of Madonna”.

9.Harry Potter

Unsurprisingly, JK Rowling has been accused of plagiarism several times, but the prosecution did not go very far since the similarities were never very numerous. One particular accusation has caught the attention of the media: that of the grandchildren of Adrian Jacobs, author of the novel Willy the wizard. The latter accuse the author of having plagiarized their grandfather’s novel to write Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Indeed, the two novels tell the story of a child sorcerer who must understand the nature of the test he is performing and emerges victorious. In both stories, the hero goes to school by train and a decisive scene of revelation takes place in a bathroom. Somewhat light accusations in the face of the immensity of the Harry Potter universe; the charges were dropped for lack of evidence.

Top 10 plagiarism cases that will destroy your childhood, everything but not nemo
Picture credits: Willy the wizard – Adrian Jacobs

10. Sorry – Assault Sexion

“No, everything but not Sexion d’Assaut!” Calm down, we’re not going to ruin this far too precious childhood memory. Not to mention outright plagiarism, the agreements of sorry are identical to those of Victory by the artist Gramatik. It’s not cool, but we can accept it.

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