Top 10 places to visit if you’re a Batman fan

Batman is the best. He doesn’t have any superpowers but that’s okay because he’s still super tough. His popularity has never really failed since his debut and if he has sometimes compromised himself in films that are not really essential (hello Batman and Robin), he nevertheless continues to fascinate young and old. What if we went on a trip to follow in his footsteps?

1. The Mentmore Towers (Mentmore, England)

Might as well start with the most impressive, namely the Wayne Manor! At least as it appears in Christopher Nolan. In truth, it is Mentmore Towers, a “modest” second home in which Eyes Wide Shut and Brazil were also filmed. In Batman Begins, it ends up in ruins but in reality, it still exists and no, there is no batcave in the basement.

2. Wollaton Hall (Nottingham, England)

Completed in 1588, Wollaton Hall in Nottingham, England knows how to be spectacular, whatever the angle from which you look at it. In The Dark Knight Rises, this is Bruce Wayne’s new mansion. He has simple tastes Bruce…

3. Iceland

But before thinking about replacing Bruce Wayne, shouldn’t we train like him? For that, nothing beats Iceland! It’s beautiful, it’s cold and where we take you, there’s no risk of being distracted by anything! Direction Öræfasveit, Vatnajökuls and Svínafellsjökuls to find the trace of the League of Shadows. You might also come across Jon Snow and a few White Walkers for that matter…

4. Trump Tower (New York, USA)

Yeah, said like that, it’s not really envy but it is nevertheless there, when the future President of the free world was still only a scandalously rich entrepreneur, that Nolan located the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises.

5. The Chicago Post Office (Chicago, USA)

This is where the Joker and his minions introduce themselves to us, in a daring heist at the start of The Dark Knight. In fact, in reality, it is not a bank but a post office. To pick up stamps, this is the ideal place!

6. Lower Wacker Drive (Chicago, USA)

We stay in Chicago for the chase aboard the batmobile in The Dark Knight. Even aboard a rental car, at night, it feels like it. Well, that said, still respect the limitations because otherwise, head for the police station. And there, casually, it was less glamorous than in the cinema and Inspector Gordon is absent subscribers.

7. The Abbey Mills Pumping Station (London, England)

A wastewater treatment plant? Yes, but not just any! We are indeed in Arkham Asylum. Where all the super enemies of the Batman are locked up. A particularly beautiful and historically very interesting place.

8. The Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum (Elkhart, USA)

In addition to the spectacular collection of superhero comics (one of the largest in the world), this museum offers several collectible toys and, ultimately, a replica of the Batcave! Not that of recent films, no, but that of the first Batmans with Adam West. The class!

9. Warner Studios (Los Angeles, USA)

A tour of these legendary studios will allow you to see plenty of filming locations from Friends, Emergencies, Jurassic Park or Gilmore Girls. A visit also including a tour of a hangar where a large number of Batman vehicles are stored. Whether it’s Tim Burton’s Batman, Joel Schumacher’s films or Christopher Nolan’s saga. You can even activate the bat-signal!

10. Gotham (England)

Yes, Gotham City exists! In reality, it is not a sprawling metropolis plagued by crime but a rather cushy village of around 1600 souls. For the record, the inhabitants of this town in the English countryside once pretended to be mad in order to avoid the construction of a royal road that had to pass through their home. And otherwise, it’s the bled whose name inspired Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the dads of Batman and Robin.

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