Top 10 places to see bats. Lots of bats

With the rat, the shrew, the slug, the nutria and perhaps the skunk, the bat is one of the animals with the most bad reputations. Take the Covid-19 pandemic. According to certain voices which did not fail to rise, it would be the fault of the bats. Associated with vampirism, disease and the treacherous demons of the night, the bat has only one true ally, namely Batman. However, in many ways, the bat is good for the environment and therefore for us. Impressive, it has a real function and until proven otherwise, has nothing to do with horrible stuff like autotune, ASMR, and endives with ham. Anyway, here are the places where the bat is present in numbers. Phew, there is no site in France.

1. The Bracken Cave (USA)

Located in the suburbs of San Antonio in Texas, this hyper scary cave welcomes, from March to October, a little more than 15 million bats. Currently protected, the site offers an extremely impressive spectacle when, at nightfall, the animals come out to hunt. It is nevertheless possible to visit the Bracken Cave from May to September.

2. Congress Avenue Bridge (USA)

Bats love Texas, which returns it well! As proof, in Austin, a bridge in the middle of town is home to a colony of 1.5 million of these friendly animals. But after all, it’s rather a good plan because bats eat up to 9000 kg of insects per night. This provides the city with a free pest control solution. And in addition, decidedly very generous, the bats amaze tourists by performing choreographies above the bridge every night at dusk.

3. The Carlsbad Caves (USA)

Here in New Mexico, in these picturesque caves, there are nearly 17 different species of bats, which live in harmony over the galleries themselves located in a park. And of course, it’s a real pleasure to see them fly away when the sun goes down. Especially from April to October to be honest, because that’s when there are the most.

4. Gunung Mulu National Park (Borneo)

Watch out for the eyes (and the hair). In the Sarawak Chamber, one of the largest cave chambers in the world, within this natural park, live between 2.5 and 3.5 million bats. There are so many that the park has set up an observatory for tourists.

5. Cairns (Australia)

There are plenty of creepy animals in Australia. Like the Cairn bats which are numerous and huge. Nothing to do with the little critters that fly around at night. This species is also called the spectacled flying fox and the animals can measure up to 25 cm. Suffice to say that it is better not to find yourself in the path of one of these winged beasts.

6. Spandau Citadel (Germany)

We arrive in Europe with this Renaissance monument, as famous for its history and architecture as for its 10,000 bats. There is even an observation room to take your eyes full without disturbing them.

7. Kasanka National Park (Zambia)

It is precisely in the swamp forest that you have to go to get to know the 10 million bats present from October to December. It is an endemic species known for its particularly long life expectancy (around 30 years).

8. Monfort Bat Sanctuary (Philippines)

This sanctuary on the island of Samal is in the record books thanks to its bat population which amounts to approximately 2.5 million individuals. It is even possible to visit it. Only 15 people at a time otherwise the bats get nervous. And nobody wants to piss off 2.5 million bats.

9. Phang Nga Caves (Thailand)

A remarkable site, Phang Nga Bay is known for a whole host of reasons, but not especially for its bats, which are nevertheless present in large numbers. Especially in underwater caves. One of them, the most populated, has even been nicknamed the batcave.

10. The Wayne Mansion (USA)

Well yes of course! This is where Bruce Wayne once encountered thousands of bats, before becoming a particularly large one himself. More seriously, none of the sites used in film or television, such as Knebworth House, Stevenson Taylor Hall, Mentmore Towers or Wollaton Hall hide a cave full of bats. Disappointing…

Ozzy Osbourne loves this top.

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