Top 10 places on earth that are not natural (nature is not so well done)

We’ve already told you about things that we think are natural but aren’t, but today we’re going to focus on places on our planet that aren’t actually natural formations at all, and you’re really going to be surprised. So much so that you might vomit in surprise. It can happen, I saw a guy do it in Space Mountain once, we do not judge.

1. 20% from the Netherlands

Yeah it may seem surprising like that, and it’s completely true: 20% of the territory of the Netherlands was under water until not so long ago (yeah I don’t have the exact dates ). Then they managed to surround the areas to siphon off the water. It would have been easier to learn to live in the water, but the Dutch never make an effort.

2. The color of “Morning glory pools” in Yellowstone Park in the United States

Think the color of the water in these famous hot spring formations is natural? Well no, wrong, you suck and that’s probably what people say about you when your back is turned. Before, the water was just blue, but it was because of people throwing coins and litter in it that the hue changed because it created microorganisms that pigmented the water yellow/orange and even green. Incredible isn’t it? (to be read with the voice of Jamy de This is not rocket science)

3. Central Park in New York

One might think that the city of New York was built on a small corner of nature and that the park is a vestige of it that we decided to keep to make a small area of ​​greenery in the middle of the city and yet no, it has took 13 years to be created by the hand of man. Even the squirrels that live there were created by scientists who wanted to create a breed of super-intelligent rodents.

4. The Buttes-Chaumont park

Since we are talking about green space in the heart of a big city, you might think that the hills of the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont are real and yet NOT AT ALL, they are as fake as the naturally tanned complexion of Jean-Pierre Foucault. It’s metal structures on which grass has been grown, not to mention the fake stones in the waterfalls. Yeah it’s bluster Paris.

5. The “Fly Geyser” in Nevada

This rock formation was created when a drilling company decided to plug a well dug in 1963 by doing a job that could be described as “neither done nor to be done”. In fact, the water continued to come out of the well and the minerals it caused to reappear colored and made the geyser grow, which incidentally continues to grow.

6. The “Providence canyon” in Georgia (USA)

Do you see this pretty canyon that the Americans call the “little grand canyon” (I’m not kidding, that’s really the name they gave it)? Well it was created “accidentally” due to many years of poor cultivation and soil exploitation. So it was due to really bad cultivators that the place (which was already partly hollow) was dug even more and started to look like this.

7. Grindavik Blue Lagoon (Iceland)

This artificial lake in which you can swim to take advantage of the benefits of a particular water was created by a geothermal power station which pumps water several kilometers underground. The excess water used by the power plant was discharged into this amazingly colored lake where it seems that bathing cures diarrhea (I have just invented this info but it would be good).

8. Rice valleys in China

You would think that some rice paddy formations in China would be completely natural and yet no, if the terrain is very hilly, it is the hand of man who gave this shape to the landscape that you would think was an abstract painting . And did you know that the word rice field comes from the same family as the word rice? It’s phew or not?

Top 10 places on earth that are not natural nature
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9. The “Gate to Hell” in Turkmenistan

With a name like that, you might think it’s a villainous nightclub where people put sharp things in certain parts of their anatomy, but no, it’s a huge hole created because of a drilling company that wanted to find oil. By digging the ground, the latter collapsed, releasing a large quantity of gas that the company decided to burn, telling itself that it would go out in a few weeks. It was 1971 and the thing is still burning. No arrows guys.

10. Cora de Cormontreuil car park

Next to my grandmother’s there is the great Cora, near which tourists from all over the world go into raptures thinking they are seeing a breathtaking natural phenomenon. But in reality it was built by man a few decades ago, despite what some tourist guides say to create a sensation.

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