Top 10 places in the world with the most suicides, dirty atmosphere

There is no “good place” to end one’s life, even if certain places in the world attract every year, for obscure reasons, unfortunate people in search of a final journey. Destinations not to be chosen for the wrong reasons. Unless you leave a nice note like those famous people’s suicide notes.

1. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Since its construction in 1937, at least 1500 suicides (listed) have taken place from this bridge. And again, the authorities are watching and would stop double the number of attempts each year in time. Additional protective barriers would be necessary to stem the phenomenon, but the project is regularly postponed for aesthetic reasons…

2. Aokigahara Forest in Japan

A lot of theories circulate about this forest born from the eruption of Mount Fuji in the year 864. One of them dates back to the 1800s, when families brought their oldest members to Aokigahara to let them die “with dignity”. “. Another favors geomagnetic disturbances that would make people even more depressed than they were at the idea of ​​taking a walk in the woods. Result: each year, there are no less than a hundred suicides here.

3. Nanking Grand Bridge over the Yangtze in China

Between 1968 and 2006 alone, 2000 people would have thrown themselves into the void from the top of the 37m bridge. A figure largely underestimated because the Chinese authorities would only count those who end their fall drowned in the river. Those who miss their jump and end up in the trees, in the mud for lack of water, or downright on the concrete that surrounds the pylons of the bridge, would not enter the official statistics!

4. The Gap in Sydney, Australia

Each year, about fifty people would jump from this cliff which overlooks the Tasman Sea. Various measures have been taken over time to limit the number of acts. A veteran of the Second World War who lived not far from there, even for 45 years saved 164 people about to take action, by simply offering them to come to his house and chat over a cup of tea. Died in 2012, locals remember him as the “Angel of the Gap”.

5. Niagara Falls in Canada/USA

There are so many suicides here (about 5,000 between 1850 and 2011) that a wikipedia page tells the story. In addition to attempts to end it, some daredevils would take the plunge as one climbs into a roller coaster. The only difference is that here the mortality rate is 25%!

6. The Eiffel Tower

It would seem that the number of suicide attempts from the top of the iron lady is around once a year, generally the intervention of the firefighters prevents the unfortunate from going to the end. What is crazy is the financial loss that such an intervention represents, for a suicide attempt the loss is estimated at 50,000 euros! In this sum we count the anti-suicide installations such as fences and barriers, the evacuation of visitors, the reimbursement of their tickets, the closing of the ticket office… Too bad for suicides.

7. Beachy Head in England

You see the Wall in Game of Thrones, well the Beachy Head cliff, it’s the same thing, but with rock instead of ice. It’s high (60m) and we think that no one would think of getting too close to the edge. Unless you have a bad idea in mind, like the twenty or so unfortunates who come here every year to take the ultimate leap into the unknown.

8. The Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa Bay, Florida

Often used to film car commercials, the aptly named “Sunny Way to Heaven” bridge attracts dozens of suicidal people every year. Patrols have been set up to avoid these tragedies and free telephones placed all along the structure to allow the desperate to contact an aid service at any time of the day or night. A solution that is ultimately little used since in the space of ten years, only 23 people have used it.

9. The Corinth Canal in Greece

Dug into the rock in the 1st century AD, and open to ships since the end of the 19th century, this long breach which connects the Aegean Sea to the Ionian Sea (and vice versa) also attracts souls in pain. In particular those of the tourists who decide to end it by jumping from the top of the 63 meters which overhang the waters of the canal. More than 15 nationalities would thus be represented among the suicides referenced by the authorities.

10. The London Underground

The number of suicides in the Tube increased in 1868 when newspapers began reporting on them in their obituaries. A practice since forgotten by the daily newspapers but which has not prevented many desperate people from taking action.

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