Top 10 places in France that look like Canada, tabarnak le Jura

Canada we love. Quebec but not only. As proof, the hundreds of French people who will settle there every year. Canada is also one of our favorite vacation destinations. When a virus decides to pin us to the ground, however, we have to find alternatives. And fortunately, France does not only share with Canada an immoderate love of Celine Dion’s songs, but also some landscapes that we would think are cousins. We thus find in our area absolutely perfect places to believe in Canada. Practical, exotic and economical!

1. Lake Lispach (Vosges)

This is generally the place that is referred to as the “little piece of Canada” in France. A beautiful lake surrounded by conifers, which would fit perfectly in the great lakes region of Canada. A nice area that can be explored at leisure thanks to the promenade laid out around the water.

2. The Bief de la Ruine waterfall (Jura)

In the Haut-Jura regional natural park, this waterfall made up of a dozen successive jumps would not clash with our Canadian friends either. Disappointing as you wish!

3. Lake Genin (Jura)

The Jura department is a bit like our own Canada, as Lake Genin brilliantly proves. A stretch of water at medium altitude, wedged in the middle of a forest of fir trees, spruces and deciduous trees. It is also nicknamed “the little Canada of Haut-Bugey”. All is said !

4. Lake Vouglans (Jura)

And we continue with the Jura, with this dam lake also surrounded by greenery. You can indulge in sailing and all kinds of water activities, including diving.

5. The Pic de l’Aigle and the Belvedere of the 4 lakes (Jura)

Swear, episode 4! Seen from the sky, this place looks like a Canadian landscape, with its shades of green and blue that merge under the clouds. An excellent spot for hiking, with the highlight of the panorama from the Pic de l’Aigle and its 993 meters. The resemblance to Canada is even more obvious in autumn, when the leaves of the trees are adorned with ocher, rust and burgundy.

6. Pointe du Raz (Finistère)

But yes, of course Brittany! Where nature dictates its law! Sublime cliffs sculpted by the waves over time, which seem to respond in their grandeur to the magnificence of their Canadian cousins.

7. The lake of Serre-Ponçon (Hautes-Alpes, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence)

Another lake! But what a lake! Even if he too is artificial. On the other hand, you have to choose your place carefully to find the kind of landscapes that can be admired in Canada, by favoring the most isolated spots.

8. Vanoise National Park (Savoie)

Here, in the heart of the mountains, we find the atmosphere of Canadian corners such as Banff National Park, in the Rockies. Majesty, a bit of snow on the peaks, a road or a path and adventure awaits us!

9. Plougrescant (Brittany)

Facing the sea, gazing towards the horizon, heading for Canada. Or on England depending on which direction you look. Be that as it may, the Plougrescant seaside evokes a bit the kind of landscape that can be found in certain corners of Quebec or Newfoundland.

10. Mazamet suspension bridge (Tarn)

It’s more surprising, but the pedestrian suspension bridge, installed on the heights of Mazamet fairly recently, looks a bit like the one found (the longest in all of North America), in the Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook. We also think of the Canyon des Portes de l’Enfer or the Aiguebelle National Park. In short, the Mazamet bridge refers to all these incredible bridges scattered in Canadian nature.

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