Top 10 people who screwed up on their first day at work

Getting a job is good, keeping it is better. I encourage you to be yourself, natural, and true to your principles, no matter what company you are employed in. Unless you’re dumb as your feet. There, you will have to make a little effort… Otherwise, you risk not making it through the day… The following ten stories are proof of this. They will at least have marked the history of companies, it’s always a win.

1. A museum guard draws on a canvas

In office for only a few hours, the guard of a Russian museum (the Yeltsin Center) had the brilliant idea of ​​drawing eyes, in pen, on the painting “Three Figures” by Anna Leporskaya. Painted between 1932 and 1934, the work is estimated at 879,000 euros. Price of the restoration: 2900 euros. The man was of course fired. It’s just. But hey… Understand him… He was bored…(That’s really the justification he gave. I’m torn between respect for such loyalty, and amazement, for such stupidity.)

2. The guy who tries to buy weed from his client

Just in post, the young recruit quite simply wanted to buy… Weed from one of his clients. This kind of practice is already a good big problem in itself, but the worst is not there. He did not attempt this transaction because it was offered to him, but because he felt that the person in front of him had “the head of a guy who holds weed”. He had none. Well, where to start?

3. The guy who comes to the police with… a stolen car

AHAHAHAHAH. Sorry, but there, I have to get over it. A guy showed up for a police recruitment with a stolen car… from the police. After this interview, he got back into the unmarked vehicle, and drove off, quietly. Inevitably, the agents followed him and arrested him, after he (in addition) ran red lights. Without pressure, he got out with a police card found in the passenger compartment, stating that he was on urgent business. Damn, but so much nerve, it fascinates me!

4. The guy who created a lobster killer

A new recruit at a grocery store, a young man was heartbroken when he discovered lobsters had rubber bands on their claws. He therefore took the liberty of removing them from one of the crustaceans, then placed it back in the aquarium. Consequences: the animal knocked out all his comrades. Violent.

Top 10 people who screwed up on their first day at work

5. The guy pissing in the tank of his boss’ car

Let’s keep it short: the new employee doesn’t like his boss. To let her know, he urinates in the tank of his Jeep on the first day. It’s already very stupid, but he boasted more about it… No luck: the discussion was recorded. The story goes that he never came back. Well done !

6. The one who throws vegetables at customers

Cashier is a job that requires a lot (a lot) of composure, to keep smiling in front of sometimes disrespectful customers. I get it, it’s very hard, but still… Annoyed by the behavior of a client, the new employee completely twisted and threw a cabbage in her face. Time in the company: 3 hours. It’s still better than nothing.

7. The one who brings her snake back to work

A new intern at the recreation department in a small town near LA, the girl looks really good: she’s young, smart, stylish and relaxed… so relaxed that she shows up on her first day with her pet python around her neck. The anguish. She was dismissed on the spot and left her place to the lucky candidate number 2.

A little advice if you too like to walk your tarantulas, ferrets, and scaled animals: ask your employer before bringing your little friends back to work. Chances are the answer is NO. You will most certainly be frustrated, but your colleagues will thank you. Truly.

Top 10 people who screwed up on their first day at work
Picture credits: Topito

8. The guy (ultra dangerous) in excess (the most total) who shows up armed

We will call her Jo. Jo is a nice guy, who just got a job as a doorman in a small seafood restaurant in New England. Too good, everyone is happy for Jojo! Problem: he slightly overestimated the scope of the mission entrusted to him (i.e., verify the identity of people entering the bar) and showed up with a weapon belt, locked and loaded, “just in case “. Jo is actually a freaking dude, who took the door before he even clocked in.

9. The one who puts an ice cream in the microwave

He is 17 years old and has just landed his first job at McDonald’s. Deep stupidity, will to do well, or great insolence? History does not tell us. Still, when a customer complains about a frozen caramel coulis, the guy decides to… put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. His justification: “Well, I was asked to melt the caramel. ” No comment.

10. The one who fucks up $2000 worth of gear

New trainee in an electricity company, this young man shit in the glue from his first mission. Officials handed him large bundles of cables, tied together with a cord, asking him to cut them to separate them. Cut THE CORDS, not the cables… Ah, too late. He cut the whole bundles in half… Results: $2,000 worth of cables in the trash. End of the course.

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