Top 10 People Who Pretend To Have Gifted Kids (And It’s Annoying)

Being gifted is not at all a funny thing. Fortunately it is quite rare contrary to what the majority of parents think and so much the better. However, we observe that some parents try at all costs to make people believe that their wonderful offspring has extraordinary intelligence, when not at all. It’s a little funny, a lot sad.

1. When you brainwashed your child really well

My 9 year old son said “Dad, Joe Biden cheated by stealing votes”. I feel that my mission as a parent has been fulfilled.

2. When you get grilled by your own child

So my mom is lying on the internet about me. I found out on her Insta that she was sharing quotes from me…stuff I never said…

“Mom, my goal for college is not to be the best. My goal is to try to do my best in everything I do”.

3. Who is telling the truth?

“Everyone dies one day. Everybody. Even wolves. But not the books. Not the words. Words never die”. My 3 year old son, who is much smarter than me.

– Stop Rebecca, he never said that…

4. How to tell him?

– My son having finished high school at the age of 4, I assume that he is very intelligent.

– He finished his schooling at 4 years old? Was he homeschooled?

– He has never been to school, he has never had a formal education.

5. Can’t wait for a child to cough on him

My son told his whole class that vaccines were bad and that anyone who gets vaccinated is an idiot. I’m so proud of him and his intelligence. #antivax

6. Life always finds a way

7.Baby Blockchain

– My 6-year-old explained to me an idea he had that clearly resembled the concept of Bitcoin wondering why we still had physical money. Children today…

– So the transactions would be recorded in an immutable electronic model called Blockchain… Mom? Mom are you listening to me?

8. A family with whom we will take care not to go on vacation

I watch Atypical on Netflix. The character is autistic.

Ella: I bet it was the vaccines that made him autistic.

Me, who didn’t even think about that: yes, probably.

My God, thank you for giving me such an intelligent and combative child.


My wife and I have never talked stupidly to our children. We always use whole sentences with a research vocabulary that includes a lot of complex words. My son is 3 years old and can hold a full conversation. The adults in the family are often shocked at his behavior. My daughter is not yet two years old and already uses 4-syllable words.

10. Poor Lonely Child

Hey girls, would you be interested in looking after my 2 year old (she’s very talented (super smart)) for a week? I homeschool her, but I just want her to socialize a bit.

Dear parents, you will go to hell.

Source: Bored Panda

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