Top 10 People Who Messed Up Their Race Early On

Competition is stressful, so far nothing new. And stress, unfortunately, makes for beautiful bullshit. Months of training and preparation to finally get crusted on D-Day, and there it’s even worse because it’s from the start. Afterwards it is better to miss from the start than to have a great race and fall just before the finish line so that everyone passes you…

In short, you will have here a list of the worst starts in history, and you will surely laugh while you are settled in your couch like big rags and you barely know how to put one foot in front of the other.

1. Fresh news: the Brazilian bobsleigh team at the Beijing Olympics

You have most certainly seen this video played all over the networks, because if Brazilians can show off in football or beach volleyball, bobsleigh is not really that much.

At the same time in a country with a tropical climate where there are world-famous beaches, it would be strange if they were very good at winter sports. So when you’re not used to it and more stressed, you make silly mistakes, and that’s what we saw for the two bobsleigh runners, who still managed to more or less save the day.

2. Marion Rolland skiing downhill at the 2010 Olympics

All hopes of a French medal in this discipline rested on her, and as she set off to pick up speed, Marion Rolland crashed like a piou-piou starting on a green track.

Big disappointment for the team, big blow. But remember that three years later, Marion Rolland won the downhill world championships, nothing is impossible for French skiing (I don’t know why I say that, we struggle at the Beijing Olympics).

3. Julmis’ big fall in the 110m hurdles at the 2016 Olympics

It was at the Rio Games that the Haitian Jeffrey Julmis fell on the first hurdle.

Once again, a big blow, when the Haitian falls from the start…on the other hand, let’s remember that hurdles are not easy as a test. 10 hurdles at 1.067m in height for only 110 meters, it’s normal to fall after all.

4. Bolt’s very very very frustrating false start at the 2011 World Championships

The legend of athletics Bolt unfortunately sometimes has his flaws, and this was particularly the case during the world athletics championships in 2011. While he was obviously eagerly awaited for the final, Bolt made a flagrant false start and was therefore eliminated…

Very big frustration for the Jamaican athlete and all the spectators, who will therefore not renew his title that year.

5. Big failure of a Mexican cyclist in a speed cycling event

It makes you wonder if this cyclist really knows how to ride a bike, or if he has just removed the small wheels at the back.

When he was supposed to start the race, which is also a race against the clock, this Mexican athlete falls from the start, even before having made a single pedal stroke.

Disqualification for the Mexican who will therefore have to wait for a next competition to do better (in any case, he can’t really do worse).

6. The swimmer Clément Mignon who completely messed up his start

During the 2015 World Championships in Kazan, the French swimmer Clément Mignon was a little displayed, making a rather lamentable false start during the 100m series. The start had not even been whistled that the French rushes into the water, in a rather bizarre way, in slow motion.

It is surely the stress that played, but unfortunately for him, we remember this big fail of little Clément.

7. The fall of Julien Lizeroux at the Slalom World Cup

Another story of skiing (when we tell you that this sport is dangerous…): in March 2015 during the finals of the slalom World Cup in Méribel, the French skier at the exit of the gates collapses and misses his start and therefore its entire race.

We don’t really know what happened, but the Frenchman gave us a nice roll, and that’s unfortunately mainly what he’s known for.

8. The failure of the German Friedrich in the bobsleigh (and yes it’s not just Brazil)

In 2012 the German bobsleigh team made up of Francesco Friedrich and Jannis Baecker completely missed its race because at the start, Friedrich was unable to get into the bobsleigh, and left his teammate alone (which is not allowed).

So no, it’s not just Brazilians who screw up, and yes bobsleigh is complicated and dangerous (who invented this serious sport???).

9. Elena Nikitina and her luge failure

The ice, it slips and it is not the Russian Elena Nikitina who will say the opposite. The young Russian was well crusted as it should be at the start of her race by missing her sled and therefore her start.

Obviously the race ends there for these world championships, and Nikitina will just have to go home quietly.

10. And finally, because we suspect you were thinking about it, a big fail in Formula 1 in 2017 in Singapore

Singapore 2017, big mess at the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The famous Sebastian Vettel causes a crash with the other riders from the first moments of the race, shattering the dreams of victory for many of them.

We reassure you, no deaths during this crash (because yes, Formula 1 is very dangerous too…).

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