Top 10 people who managed their resignation very well, congratulations to them

Human beings are not made to work, that’s obvious. We should all spend our days lying on the grass watching the clouds. Unfortunately, it seems that it does not bring in any money and you have to pay the rent and electricity. So, we work and when we are really fed up, we quit; but some do it better than others.

1. That way everyone is happy

2. “My boss can change his shitty sign himself, I quit”

3. “I was fired because I was pregnant with my first child. I sued them, I got compensation. They paid out more money than if they had paid for my maternity leave. “

4. “Look what my colleague and I left in the break room”

5. “A woman I worked with was denied leave so she left. She had an offer to be an acrobat in a traveling circus in Europe and she accepted.”

6. “A co-worker of mine quit today. We found this on his computer.”

The designer you treat like crap quit unexpectedly. Your business and other employees will not be affected.

Click “Renegotiate” to discuss a new contract. Click “Human Resources” to realize how screwed up you are.

7. “My husband quit after a day when his boss was worse than usual. He went to human resources to negotiate a 3 month severance package with all the benefits of the box if he doesn’t carry no complaints. So he came to use the company gym for 3 months.”

8. A manager at my medical clinic won the lottery a few years ago. She didn’t come to work the next day and no one knew until we saw her in the paper. I often think of her.”

9. Here is the automatic response from the mailbox of a guy who had just quit his job:

“I am currently away from the office and I do not intend to return”

10. The company where I worked for 12 years decided that assistants should continue to come to the office during the pandemic while lawyers should stay home for their safety and the safety of the company. I told them to fuck off and I quit.”

This is what happens when you piss people off.

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