Top 10 People Who Learned About Themselves From TV

TV is shit overall, but it can be useful for learning stuff. I’m not talking to you about watching an exciting documentary on penguins on Arte but about zapping on shitty channels and seeing by chance your girl galloping another guy. Or to learn that we live in an apartment formerly occupied by a serial killer and where he killed his victims.

1. When a woman discovers in a documentary that her house was the lair of a serial killer

In 2014, a Missouri woman skipped a documentary about a serial killer who allegedly killed two people and claimed to have killed 17 (before hanging himself in his cell). And quickly, she realizes that the guy in question lived… the house in which she was and which she had just rented. At the limit, take over the lease of a sick killer, why not, but when she realized that the two proven victims of the killer had been sequestered in his basement and attached to a pipe which passed precisely in front of the TV. Hmmm… The woman in question would have liked to have been warned by her landlady; she therefore took it to court. But the court ruled against him, considering that it was not obligatory for a landlord to warn his tenant of what had happened before in the house. Re-hmmm… It must also be said that the owner in question was the killer’s mother. Good atmosphere.

2. When a wife finds out her husband is polygamous while watching TV

On Saturday evening, English TV broadcasts a program called Ant And Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and which looks completely stupid, between Bataille and Fontaine and Intervilles. It frequently happens that anonymous participants get married during the show, in front of the cameras. That’s what a guy named Daniel did on a quiet Saturday night with his girlfriend. Except that the Daniel in question was separated, of course, from his first wife, but not divorced; Helen, said first wife, was therefore slightly surprised to attend her husband’s wedding live. In the end, Daniel, found guilty of polygamy, took himself 6 months in prison.

3. When a guy finds out that, well, his wife isn’t dead.

In 2014, a Moroccan named Abragh Mohamed learned by telephone that his wife, victim of an accident, had been rushed to hospital. He goes home to pick up some things (but home, and bah it’s far) and, by the time he arrives at the hospital, he has already been told the bad news: his wife is dead, already sent to the morgue, please sign here.

Good. The funeral over, Abragh is recovering quietly when, in 2016, he comes across a program where he sees his wife, very much alive, explaining that she is trying to reconnect with her husband whom she has lost sight of.

Apparently the hospital had confused two patients and Abragh had buried a complete stranger. But that absolutely does not explain how and why it took two years and a TV show to reunite two living people who, before the accident, lived under the same roof.

4. When a guy finds out he’s a missing child

While watching a report on Carlina White, a young adopted woman who had realized while browsing the Internet that she had been kidnapped as a baby by those she thought were her parents, Steve Carter, himself adopted at age 4 and absolutely not informed about its origins, had a click: what if…? There is a website dedicated to missing children in the United States which lists the photos of all the children whose parents have reported the disappearance during the last 50 years. Page 6 or 7, one can imagine, since the case went back 30 years, Steve Carter saw a photo of him as a child. So Steve Carter found out his real name was Marx Panama Moriarty Barnes (which admittedly sounds downright better than Steve Carter) kidnapped by his mother then given to an orphanage under a fake and adopted by a family despite the steps taken by his father. The case caused a stir in 2012 in the United States and Carter aka Panma Moriarty Barnes ended up meeting his biological father.

5. When a guy recognizes his father’s killer in L’Amour est dans le pré

In 2019, François Guissart, a 39-year-old Belgian, learned that his father’s killer had been released from prison when he saw him in the casting of L’Amour est dans le pré version belge. The murderer, who was simply looking for love, had nevertheless fired 5 buckshot shots into Guissart’s father’s sideboard about ten years earlier. Otherwise there’s a good movie tonight at RTBF.

6. The Russian who discovers on TV that his wife is a prostitute

In 2017, a Russian who was watching the TV news was surprised to see his wife there. This one, mother of a 6-year-old girl (whose father was therefore watching TV), worked in the greatest secrecy in a brothel in Moscow where a television crew followed cops during a general arrest. . SURPRISE !

7. The guy who realizes that his girlfriend is cheating on him on TV

While zapping quietly, Kirran Girling came across the trailer for Celebs Go Dating, a Bachelor-like show that makes the headlines of British spare time. And in this excerpt, we simply saw Emma Pollard, a regional miss who was none other than Kirran’s girl (don’t criticize him, he didn’t choose his first name) / And what was the Pollard doing? And well she was dating another guy and rolling him huge clogs. The guy found nothing better than to tweet.

8. The Panamanian footballer who learns his selection for the World Cup by watching TV

True story. His reaction will move you. I thought I would never write this sentence.

9. James Comey, the FBI dirlo who learns of his dismissal on TV

The Trump method is also that: fire one of the most important figures in the state, but without informing him. While he was hosting a meeting at the FBI premises, Comey saw the banners scrolling on the news channels indicating that he had just been fired. Class.

10. The family who learns of the son’s death on the TV

We are in Argentina. A young man is shot and sent to the hospital where he dies. But since the victim got his wallet taxed and everything else, well, we can’t tell the family. Fortunately, the sensationalist journalists were warned and were even able to film the body. As a result, the family learns of the guy’s death on TV and comes to the hospital on their own.

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