Top 10 people who have most hindered the progress of Humanity

Humanity is constantly evolving as you were shown with the progress of science which is a bit freaking out or the stuff put in place to save humanity. But if some are doing their best to move the machine forward, some alone have succeeded in causing the opposite effect by slowing down the evolution of humanity (voluntarily or not) and it is frankly not glorious. A Reddit forum lists all those people who haven’t pushed the world forward and it’s quite interesting.

1. Trofim Lysenko: Soviet agricultural scientist

This scientist who was adored in the USSR under Stalin (not literally under him, huh) theorized about genetics in agriculture by wanting to maximize harvests and productivity. But in reality it didn’t really work, it caused various famines and other rather annoying things. Like the fact that all the other scientists who opposed his research found themselves locked up or executed. Its name was then deposed and used to qualify false or corrupt science.

2. Robert Maxwell: owner of media and publishing houses

Besides the fact that after his death a lot of rather obscure facets were discovered in the management of the financing of his businesses and the strange associations with dubious companies (note the use of the lexical field of scheming), Maxwell is also the person which popularized the payment of articles and texts of scientific research at a time when they were available free of charge. It is since his idea that the free and free circulation of these studies has largely disappeared and that one must pay to have access to them. There have been many disputes following the arrival of the internet to make this type of press free with influential people like the late Aaron Swartz (I can only advise you to watch the documentary dedicated to him).

3. Thomas Midgley Jr: automotive chemist and inventor

Thomas Midgley is at the origin of many inventions including tetraethyl lead and chlorofluorocarbons used in aerosols or air conditioning systems. The problem is that we quickly realized that these two products were extremely harmful both for nature and for humans since they caused many deaths and major environmental problems. Midgley is most famous today for being the man who probably did the most harm to the environment and the ozone layer in history, just that.

4. Andrew Wakefield: researcher and former surgeon

This doctor-turned-conspirator is behind a study (since deemed fraudulent and false) about the link between rubella, mumps and measles vaccines and the development of autism and bowel disease . The problem is that his study was declared false and after investigation various traces of handwritten falsifications, frauds and shady financial dealings were found. At the same time (in 2011) there was a sharp decline in the number of vaccinations in several countries, which caused a significant number of deaths. From there to calling him the father of antivax there is only one step.

5. Muhammad Khalji: General of the Ghurid armies (now Afghanistan)

This general who set out to conquer India and Bengal is responsible for the sacking (among other things) of the city of Nâlandâ in 1197. This city was mainly inhabited by Buddhist monks and included one (the ) largest Buddhist university with a huge library within it. Khalji and his army literally destroyed this treasury of knowledge and burned the entire library, destroying almost six centuries of scriptures.

6. Mark Sykes: British diplomat

You may know his name from the Sykes-Picot agreements which are a series of secret agreements between the United Kingdom and France in 1916 to share the Middle East at the end of the war. This is probably one of the bases of the many conflicts in this geographical area. If Sykes is not solely responsible for the agreement and only thought at the base to protect the interests of his country, the repercussions of his action are still catastrophic.

7. Edward Bernays: Advertising

He is called the father of corporate propaganda and public relations. Edward Bernays is the originator of several advertising and corporate communications methods that have shaped and extended the American consumerist model. Food (the hearty American breakfast supported by doctors), tobacco (notably to promote female thinness during a campaign for Lucky Strike), political reversal (he helped portray the President of Guatemala in the media as a communist for overthrow his power)… Some people see him today as the founder of the technique of opinion manipulation, which is still a trick not to say like that.

8. Genghis Khan: Conqueror

We had already shown you that Genghis Khan was not nice, but according to the point of view that we have on his conquests we can see that he literally prevented certain populations from prospering. By killing them for example. All. In Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan he is still seen today as a bloodthirsty tyrant responsible for genocide and excessive destruction, particularly during the sacks of Baghdad and Samarkand. We can attribute to him, in addition to many deaths, the destruction of treasures of wisdom of the Arab World that disappeared after his passage.

9. Diego de Landa: Franciscan monk

If we wanted to magnify the line on Diego de Landa, we could say that if we ignore a lot of things about the Maya civilization it is his fault. Often described as a cruel and fanatical person, in 1561 he burned all the Mayan manuscripts and sources of knowledge of this civilization in the name of the Christian God to fight against idolatry which was not that of Christianity.

10. The first guy who posted a chain message on facebook

The thorn in humanity’s heel is this damn thing that asks people to share an image to get happiness, save a panda or win a triple meat taco.

Top 10 people who have most hindered the progress of humanity

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