Top 10 People Who Have Encountered Strange Creatures Around The World

Human beings have explored the planet far and wide. Throughout our history, we have sought to explain everything even if even today, certain things remain precisely unexplained. Like the creatures in this top, that people would have come across. Diverse and varied monsters that have since found themselves at the heart of more or less creepy legends to which it seems unreasonable to lend credit. But what if these “things” really existed? Note that the stars of the category, namely the Yeti, the Big Foot and of course the aliens, have been deliberately excluded from this top.

1. The Chupacabra

The Chupacabra is so famous that it even got its own episode in The X-Files. The first observations date back to 1974. Even if the descriptions refer to a creature already mentioned by the Tainos, a Native American tribe. The Chupacabra would therefore be a species of dog with large bright red eyes, equipped with sharp claws. It also has thorns spread across its spine. Ah yes, he also stands. In fact, the Chupacabra looks a bit like the Gruffalo. The most Cartesian affirm that the witnesses would have actually seen dogs so puffed up with mange that they had become monstrous.

2. The Mothman

A real celebrity. Star of the film The Prophecy of Shadows, where he overshadows (lol) Richard Gere, this monster – the Butterfly Man – was seen for the first time in 1966 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia by five men. Very tall and very wide, so it would be able to fly. He also allegedly chased cars. The Mothman appeared numerous times in 1966 and 1967. Evidence dwindled after the Point Pleasant Silver Bridge collapsed in which 46 people died. It was enough for the legend to say that the Mothman was a harbinger of disasters.

3. The Maryland Goat

He is a bit creepy. It was in the 1970s in Maryland that a couple saw this half-man, half-goat creature (top of a man and bottom of a goat, with horns to boot). That day, the Maryland goat simply stared at the couple, with an ax in his hand. Later, a woman saw him in her garden. This time, the monster didn’t just watch. He also cut off the dog’s head.

4. Pongo

If he has a rather nice first name, Pongo is actually not at all. Seen in Africa, it would be a species of hybrid between a man and a gorilla. White in color, it eats people and can turn into a beautiful young woman to lure its prey. Strangely, his children look like human beings in every way except that they like to eat human flesh.

5. The Bray Road Beast

His description more or less matches that of a werewolf. She was first seen in 1936 digging in an Indian cemetery. That said, some people claim that the Beast of Bray Road, which therefore now lives in Wisconsin in the United States, is mentioned in the Bible and that one of its descendants crossed paths with Jesus.

6. The Goat

The Goat, an updated species of the Satyr, is one of the most illustrious and monstrous residents of Prince George’s County in the state of Maryland in the United States. He is accused of killing at least 14 people in the early 1960s. The most detailed descriptions have been given by people who survived his attacks. The latter claimed that the Goat would have cut the bodies with an ax and that it is not impossible that it is actually the devil himself.

7. The Lizard Man

Welcome to Lee, in the beautiful state of South Carolina! We are on June 29, 1988. Someone meets the lizard man for the first time. Able to climb steep walls, this monster is also endowed with incredible strength. Afterwards, many other people see him in the area. Sometimes he even wrecks cars… We don’t know where he comes from or what he wants.


It was in 1976 near the small church in Mawnan in Cornwall that people saw Owlman, or the Owl Man. Observations were even very numerous between April 1976 and August 1978. However, its presence did not coincide with disasters. Witnesses simply reported that in the presence of the Owlman, the animals adopted strange behaviors.

9. The Flatwoods Monster

September 12, 1952. People see a flying saucer (it starts well) before seeing at ground level a mysterious creature. His head looked like an Ace of Spades and he wore a skirt. It also had short arms, and sharp claws. But otherwise it’s okay she looked pretty cool.

10. The Jersey Devil

He too is a minor celebrity. Reported for the first time in the 1800s, it found itself at the center of numerous testimonies until the 20th century. It would be a biped with bat wings and a horse’s head. It would be the child of a witch who made a pact with the devil. In New Jersey, where he therefore took up residence, this demon would have devoured several heads of cattle. The fiercest witnesses even photographed his footprints.

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