Top 10 people who have been locked in a supermarket (if it’s possible)

It’s a childhood dream. A dream magnified by literature and cinema. But in the movies, in the novels, the people who find themselves locked in the supermarket are not cold all night, nor the noise of the air conditioning. Because in real life, after opening hours, supermarkets look more like huge warehouses to shoot at… Moreover, this is what happened to the group of young terrorists who find refuge at the end of the film in the Samaritan in Nocturama. Adulthood is a constant questioning of what we thought was cool as a child.

1. The one who drank the whole cellar and watched porn in a supermarket in Pau

It was voluntarily that he let himself be locked up in an Auchan. Once the curtain was down, he didn’t hesitate for a second: head for the cellar department and let me drink some whiskey and some champagne. And then come on, well, I make myself watch quiet porn movies. He was discovered late drunk in the early morning in the aisles of the supermarket, arrested, and tried in immediate appearance. We would have liked a prettier ending.

What we would have done instead, we : we would have reorganized all the shelves so that the brands play on words related to Pau.

2. The homeless man who got locked up to eat

It happened in a Géant Casino in Isère. The poor guy just wanted a place to sleep and recounts how he walked in before closing time, fed on chocolates, put on pajamas, slept in an office and nicked a cheese knife. He could have taken TIG, but the Grenoble court sentenced him to 6 months in prison. Afterwards, he was tried at the same time for drug trafficking.

What we would have done instead, we : steal a dressing gown. As long as you do that, you might as well give yourself a lordly air.

3. The guy who got locked up in a supermarket and sued for gaining weight

It happened in Vélizy-Villacoublay. The young man, aged 18, was hiding with friends and found himself locked in a reserve of the hypermarket. In total, he spent 80 hours there before being rescued and what did he do in the meantime? Well he ate nonstop. So he grew. And so he decided to file a complaint.

What we would have done instead, we : we would have eaten all the stuff with gluten just to see if it’s really bad for your health as they say.

4. The thief who found himself locked in a shopping mall

In Nantes, in 2017, a very clever burglar let himself be locked up in a shopping mall and attacked the kiosk directly. He stole lots of scratch games, shopping cart tokens for around 400 euros as well as the shopkeeper’s recipe. Then he managed to get away. At the opening, he was no longer there – or else he managed to take advantage of the first comings and goings to decamp. Still, a few hours later, a guy came to change the same kiosk winning tickets from the stolen lot. But he managed to escape before we caught him.

What we would have done instead, we : Stealing losing tickets to see if it attracted the indulgence of the court.

5. The kids who got locked up and ate 300 euros worth of bullshit

In 2018, two children aged 12 and 13 managed to get locked in a Scottish Sainsbury’s overnight. They took the opportunity to eat 300 balls of chocolates and sugary drinks before trying to steal a camera. Discovered in the early morning, they must have taken quite a beating from their parents.

What we would have done instead, we : frankly, the kids were in a dream space at the perfect age and they were little players. They could have at least tried to cart skate between the shelves.

6. The guy who got locked up for 48 hours in an unheated mall

It was in 2010 in Pau, on December 24th. All the businesses were closed and the man was trapped. He remained 48 hours in a deserted gallery with no one to help him (everyone was on New Year’s Eve) until a passerby heard him and alerted the police. We found him hypothermic, but more fear than harm.

What we would have done instead, we : trying to find a bottle of champ’ to toast to Christmas with ourselves.

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