Top 10 people who don’t learn from their mistakes at all

You have probably already watched a film saga or a series and told yourself that it was always a bit the same story? That the characters just kept doing every stupid thing there was to do, never learning from their mistakes? That’s good, we decided to give you some examples of objectively completely stupid characters who almost deserve what is happening to them.

1. Jurassic Park Employees

First park: there are plenty of dead people. Second park: there are plenty of dead people. Third park: there are plenty of dead people and dinos breaking into town to cause twice as many deaths. What does it take for these people to understand that dinosaur park = dead? Are completely idiots it is not possible otherwise to be careless at this point.

2. The Architects of the Death Star

We build a super powerful ship that can destroy a planet but we leave an absolutely devastating flaw that blows the thing up in five seconds, which inevitably happens. A few years later we decide to rebuild another version of the thing and hop, it’s still just as crappy in terms of fragility. And you know what ? A few more years later, the Empire comes back with a third black star just as moldy ass, to believe that they don’t really want to win.

3. James Bond Villains

Each time it’s the same story, even if they know that the other bad guys died before them like idiots they do everything the same again: they capture him, keep him alive for eight days only to be able to do a rotten monologue where they explain to him why they are super smart and Bond ends up escaping and killing them.

4. Hogwarts Management

A troll intrusion in the hallways, a giant snake that petrifies people, teachers who want to bring back one of the most evil and powerful wizards in history, a park ranger who breeds giant spiders and has a dog to three giant heads, Quidditch lessons that end in the infirmary, hidden rooms where you can die at any time, a forest with super angry centaurs and trees that can hit cars… It’s more like a school. is Koh-Lanta in Mordor and no one is doing anything to fix things except for a girl who dresses in pink and who ultimately was perhaps not wrong.

5. The different crews of Alien

But damn it’s not complicated: stop touching these eggs, they only bring PROBLEMS. Once and for all blow this planet, avoid bringing a sample with you and go home to watch baseball like all Americans.

6. Arkham Asylum Doctors

When you have Gotham City’s most violent and dangerous villains within your walls, you rethink your security a little bit. Because between the Joker, Killer Croc, Bane, Enigma, Ras Al Gul and the others, it would be necessary to rethink the reliability of its employees and the security of the premises, a story that people do not escape every two weeks to getting scooped up by a lone billionaire who breaks a dozen laws every night.

7. Hawkins Police

Every season of Stranger Things there are disappearances, deaths, strange demonstrations, destroyed establishments and no one decides to reform the local police. We only let two guys who eat donuts manage everything that happens and we are surprised that one in three teenagers finds themselves eaten by a crap from a world that strangely resembles the city of Soissons in the middle of the night. fall. And the worst part is that despite that they don’t kill the good characters in Stranger Things.

8. Westworld Engineers

These people work to develop robots with super-engineered artificial intelligence for the sole purpose of hitting them again and again and subjecting them to the worst horrors until they send out the first signs of rebellion and start killing everyone. people in the park. And at no time is there a trick in their program to simply disable them all remotely? Not very smart.

9. The Byrde Family in Ozark

They launder money from a drug cartel, do some completely avoidable bullshit because they’re too greedy, narrowly miss getting shot, and start the cycle all over again for four seasons. Along the way they have several times when they can get away but in the end they decide to stay because once again they are too greedy. Big morons.

10. The Avengers Who Desire the Infinity Stones

From the first time they come into contact with an Infinity Stone they understand that it can literally kill everyone and have catastrophic consequences on humanity. And instead of leaving them in their corner or at the limit of recovering them only to shelter them, they decide to use them to do big bullshit. After that is surprised that people do not like them and prefer The Boys.