Top 10 People Who Died To Prove Stupid Stuff, When Your Pride Kills You

Some people have died really sad deaths. Others died of old age in their beds. Others died very stupidly. Others died for great causes. Then still others died for really lame causes, trying to prove stuff. Really silly stuff.

1. A vegan woman dies climbing Everest to prove that vegans are not weak

Maria Strydom and her husband are seasoned mountaineers, on a vegan diet, by the way. However, the young lawyer will not survive her journey through the mountains. Her death was unjustly mocked because she also wanted to prove that vegans had the physical abilities to climb Everest. In reality of course this has nothing to do with sauerkraut. If she had won her challenge, it wouldn’t have proven that vegans can climb Everest either. The diet actually has little to do with the difficulties of this ordeal. Rest in peace. RIPAWG (Rest in peace and without gluten).

2. Christopher Johnson McCandless dies trying to prove that American materialistic society is crap

You certainly know his name, since his story inspired a biographical account and its cinematic adaptation with Into the Wild. This American adventurer left everything to live the wild life in the heart of Alaska, thereby proving that the comfort of modern life was shit. Except that after a while he died poisoned after having ingested an inedible plant.

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3. A woman dies after losing a water drinking contest

In the United States, we know how to have fun! Proof of this is with this Californian radio station which organized a competition for the biggest drinker in the fleet, at the end of which the winner could win a Wii. YAY! Jennifer Strange, who really wants to win a Wii, participates with all her soul in this event, which guarantees a good collegiate atmosphere. Two bad news for Jennifer: not only does she not win the contest, which is a disappointment rarely equaled; then she dies a few hours later from water intoxication (which can happen when you drink a lot of water in a very short time). Result of the races, the family of Jennifer files a complaint and ends up obtaining 16.5 million dollars in compensation. I know some who have sniffed the right vein!

4. Two teenagers die trying to prove they were the best gamers in a video game

We are then in the 80s. Jeff Dailey and Peter Burkowski are 19 and 18 years old and they really like the video game of the time “Berzek” (next to Tetris it’s a great thrill). They want to prove that they are both the best players on earth and in the universe of this game (when no one asked them). Jeff dies in 81 of cardiac arrest after reaching a score of 16,660 points and a year later Peter dies the same way after reaching a similar score. On the medical level, of course, we cannot fully affirm that their deaths were caused by gambling, but it is a safe bet that there is a small link.

5. A Japanese actor dies trying to prove that fugu is not a toxic dish at all.

Bando Mitsugoro VIII is a famous Japanese kabuki actor. In 1975, he took some quiet buddies to a restaurant and invited them to eat fugu kimo, a fish still banned for sale at the time because it was dangerously toxic (at the moment you can find it in very few restaurants, because that fish can still be deadly if improperly cooked). However, the actor plays it in BALEK mode and wants to prove that the fish will do him no harm. He died 7 hours later in his hotel room.

6. A man dies from a fall from the Eiffel Tower trying to prove that his parachute suit worked

It is unfortunately not for his career as a tailor that François Reichelt will mark the annals of history, but for his death in 1912. It must be believed that the parachute suit he wanted to patent was not as effective that he believed him.

7. A lawyer dies after trying to prove that a window was unbreakable

It will be remembered that Garry Hoy was a lawyer who took his profession and his convictions to heart. During a case, he puts himself physically on stage in order to prove that the windows of the TD Center were unbreakable. He was right because the panes were indeed unbreakable but the window was less attached to its frame than expected which led to his fall from the 27th floor.

8. A magician dies after trying to prove he’s invincible

Illusionist Harry Houdini used to bring someone on stage at each of his shows to kick him in the gut to show he was invincible. One time too many was enough for the magician to die of peritonitis after a surprise punch from one of the spectators.

9. Lawyer dies by live ammunition after trying to re-enact shooting

Another story of a lawyer ready to die to make their case. For this story you have to go back to the 19th century and cross paths with Clement Vallandigham, lawyer and North American politician. While he wants to prove the innocence of one of his clients accused of murder, he reconstructs a shooting scene. Due to an unfortunate careless mistake, he is mortally wounded by a gun he thought was unloaded. The good news is that his client has indeed been acquitted. Nice.

10. A man lives after proving he wasn’t dead

Sometimes fate plays really weird tricks on us. At least that’s what Alain Franc must have said to himself. The 66-year-old had to prove he wasn’t dead after he was accidentally declared dead, cutting off his aid and his pension.