Top 10 people who are way too good at their stuff

In a Manichean world, there are good and bad. In a world of Care Bears, there are only good people, who still have more or less progress to make to improve. And apart from these boxes, there are the inimitable ones. The geniuses. Bosses of bosses that don’t appear to be human. We do not say that it is always positive. We just say that it remains impressive, in any case!

1. Haaland, Norwegian soccer player

The guy is a real robot. A “war machine” football version. Nicknamed the “cyborg” for his propensity to score goals whatever the situation, his recent record has made many people pale: fourteen goals in eight Premier League games, nineteen in all competitions in twelve games, including triplets in spades! Not gross. Really not gross. So not disgusting that a petition, launched online to exclude him from the Premier League for the quality of his game, has collected almost 2 million signatures! The seum, it’s not reserved for Belgium, normally?

2. Meryl Streep

For some, she is the face of Miranda Priestly in The devil wears Pradafor others she is Donna, in Mamma Miafor our parents, she is above all Joanna, in Kramer vs. Kramer : Meryl Streep is an essential actress for several generations. But that’s not all, she is also the most Oscar-nominated actress from the top of her… 21 nominations! She has already won three statuettes… More than one, before equalizing Katharine Hepburn, the most Oscar-winning actress in cinema!

Top 10 people who are way too good at their
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Dick Thomas Johnson from Tokyo, Japan

3. Jackie Chan

In addition to performing sick stunts himself, having completely revolutionized the discipline, he is also the record holder for the number of positions held on the same film! On Chinese Zodiac, he has been an actor, director, executive producer, screenwriter, producer, stunt coordinator, director of photography, artistic director, props man, stuntman, music composer, lighting designer, production manager, singer. of the credits and even coordinator of the management! The even bigger thing about this guy is that he excels in ALL HIS areas. Hats off to the artist. Finally… The artist, the producer, the stuntman, the director,…

4. 4 scientists: Marie Curie, Linus Pauling, John Bardeen and Frederick Sanger

They are the only four scientists who have been awarded the Nobel Prize twice! Among them: the French Marie Curie, rewarded in 1903 and 1911, for the discovery of the natural radioactivity emitted by polonium. In this select and prestigious group of double nobel winners, she is the only woman, and the only laureate to have been hailed in physics and then in chemistry. If the first names that start with “M” are the best, “Marie” is undoubtedly the most badass of them! Objectively, of course.


5.Alfred Nobel

Receiving a Nobel Prize is stylish. Being THE chemist behind his creation is even more fun. Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833-1896) bequeathed his entire fortune to the creation of the prize, but that’s not all! If he is in this top, it is also because in terms of patents filed, it is difficult to do better: during his lifetime, he was the depositary of… 350 scientific patents, including that of dynamite.

6. Nadal, unbeatable on clay

In the world of tennis on clay, Nadal is THE reference. And for good reason: he won Roland-Garros 14 times: a record. He is also nicknamed “The King of Clay” (“the king of clay”). This 14th trophy, won in May 2022, also marks the 22nd Grand Slam of his career.

7. Giulia Tofana

Giulia Tofana was the idol of Roman women in the 17th century. At that time, arranged and forced marriages were recurrent. However, some women rebel and turn to Giulia for help. His method to counter the union? Passing vials of very powerful poison so that the latter can get rid of their husbands. Literally. She even gave her name to a poison: Aqua Tofana. In 1659, she confesses the extent of her crime on trial: she will have poisoned 600 men. 3 times my village. Broom.

8. Romain Gary

In the category of people who literally ken the game: Romain Garry. He is the only author in the world to have twice won the Prix Goncourt, although this is normally impossible under the rules of the competition. He was in fact rewarded for the first time in 1956, under his usual name, and a second time, in 1975, under the pseudonym of Émile Ajar. Only one thing to say: respect, the artist.

9. LetMeSoloHer

“LetMeSoloHer” is the pseudonym used by a player of the video game “Elden Ring”, who became an Internet legend. He is called in as reinforcements by the other players to knock out the ultimate boss of the game on his own: Malenia. He’s so big he’s already killed the guy more than 1000 times. A performance so impressive that the developers decided to give him a little wink in the game, then send him a real replica sword as a gift. GG!


10. Claude from Koh-Lanta

Unbeatable in races, inimitable on the melon side. Impressive.

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