Top 10 people who are objectively a little too well paid for what they do

Whatever your job, whatever your friends, your relatives or your salary, you’ve probably already thought (aloud or in your head) that some people were paid a little too much for what they did. If the question depends on many different parameters and everyone’s vision, it still fell on a Reddit forum and Internet users voted. So I’m forwarding these answers to you like that, without necessarily being responsible for their nature, so if you want to throw stones at me because your profession is mentioned in the list, do it with tenderness and courtesy.

1. Hollywood stars

We often talk about movies, series and more specifically about certain stars in everyday life, but we must recognize that some celebrity salaries still represent a certain indecency. To be paid millions for the shooting of a film that represents a few days of work is a bit too much. As a reminder Robert Downey Jr was paid 15 million dollars for the filming of “Spiderman: Homecoming”, which took him three days of his time but he is not the only one and you can see the highest paid serial actors all time.

2. The reality TV contestants

Well, there are people who are delirious so I respect everyone’s tastes, but the salary is still quite high when you know that reality TV stars can earn between €50,000 and €100,000 per month to participate in these programs (especially in the United States). Yeah you can accuse me of being jealous and yeah I’ve already failed at castings but at the same time who wouldn’t like to spend two months in a sick villa in the sun while being paid?

3. Some top athletes

When we talk about sports salaries, we often hear arguments such as: “they make people dream”, “they don’t have a long career so their salary is justified”, “they still have a talent that deserves such important pay”… So okay, they are stars and they have talent, but Lionel Messi earns approximately €197,000 a day, and as talented as he is, that still makes a hell of a lot of money.

4. The presidents of certain companies

We’re not going to put everyone in the same basket, of course, but for some people at the head of large companies, we’re still talking about salaries, shares and indemnities which are frankly high when in reality they just signing papers they haven’t read and playing golf in their office which is bigger than the house I can’t afford. (yes I have a very objective and advanced view of the subject)

5. Parliamentarians

Well, we clearly can’t make a small generalization for the political class as a whole: ministers, elected officials, parliamentarians… it’s not the same job or the same responsibilities. As a result, a parliamentarian who receives an average of €7,239.91 per month in 2019 is still a bit much coffee when you see the regular absence rate in the hemicycle which is generally so empty that we should do a sixth of a cycle to give an impression of filling. Yeah I have a lot on this subject.

6. Penelope Fillon

Well, we’re not going to rewrite history, but still, being paid so much for a fictitious job is frankly a bit much coffee. Suddenly Pénélope finds its place in this top, because if being paid too much for a job you do is already abused, being paid too much for a job you don’t do is really not very coolmax.

7. TV columnists

The pay is variable, the quality too, but I have two or three faces in mind of people who clearly do not deserve such a salary to say on the air what poor poorly paid assistants struggled to write in a short time in providing real journalistic work. And since I have no balls to target anyone in particular, I’m giving you the illustration photo of the “columnist” page on Wikipedia.

8. Speculators / Traders

To be paid huge amounts of money just moving around and speculating with money rather than producing something material, you can say what you want, it seems pretty strange in principle though. Good after the positive point is that you can retire at 42 years old.

9. Soccer referees

“We don’t have the same jersey but we have the same passion”, whatever. Above all, we don’t know how to use VAR when it really matters and we hinder actions one in three times. No kidding, they just pretend to run around with a whistle in their mouth, my middle school PE teacher did the same and he didn’t get paid that much. Plus they always seem unfriendly since no one is a fan of them and their jerseys are ugly.

10. Bonus: Topito’s Timbo

I don’t hide from you that I was a little shocked to see my name appear on an American forum with so many insults following, but obviously people think that I am paid too much for what I do. Difficult to defend the thing insofar as my own mother repeats it to me every day.

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