Top 10 people who are not allowed to go to China, a susceptible country

One day at Christmas I told my aunt that her turkey was disgusting and her yule log was just as bad. I had put a little more formality than that, but basically that’s pretty much what my remark was about, and since then I’ve never been invited again. There are people like that who are a little sensitive, and if countries were people, the closest to my aunt would be China, because as soon as you say something wrong about the country, it’s a direct ban. to come to the territory. In total the country has a list of not far from 88 banned celebrities and we invite you to discover some of them.

1. Richard Gere

Forerunner before all other top celebrities Richard Gere was banned from coming to China after visiting Nepal several times. A Buddhist by religion, Gere has already gone to visit the Dalai Lama and was very committed to the independence of Tibet and since all that is a bit on the check list of big bans for the Chinese government, he no longer has the right to go there.

2. Selena Gomez

The singer was directly banned from China and banned from performing there for a long time after posting a photo of her meeting with the Dalai Lama. Yeah obviously the country doesn’t really like the character, or people who like Tibet, or freedom of expression, or freedom in general, or this top on things to do in Tibet.

3. Brad Pitt

It’s funny because Brad Pitt was not even aware that it was forbidden to set foot in China, he realized one day when he wanted to go there to promote a film. In fact the government barred him from entering the country for more than twenty years because of his role in Seven years in Tibet, a film about Tibet and the number seven (in fact, I saw it as a kid, I completely skipped this film). Another reason to love Brad Pitt.

4.Miley Cyrus

Unlike the previous people, Miley Cyrus was banned from visiting China after posting a photo on the networks where she stretched her eyes with her fingers to have almond eyes. A photo that we can clearly judge as racist, or at least which conveys a racist cliché. Naturally enough the Chinese government didn’t like it and banned her.

5. Harrison Ford

Another who campaigned for the independence of Tibet, another who was banned from visiting the territory of China. Do you think that if the whole world militates for the independence of Tibet the Chinese government will be obliged to prohibit all of us from setting foot there? It would be funny as a situation.

6. Katy Perry

In China it is called “Kary Pourri”, which means nothing since “pourri” does not exist in Chinese. She was banned from visiting the territory and performing there because she wore the Taiwan flag as a cape during a concert, which the Chinese government once again took as an affront. Well after the ban it is never very clear, the government does not always say for how long it is effective and if it concerns the arrival of stars to perform or to visit. Since I don’t have Katy’s number, I can’t check.

7. Bjork

While she was in concert in Shanghai, Björk decided to swing her support for Tibet for its independence while motivating the crowd to chant loud and clear “Tibet! Tibet! Tibet! “. You can easily imagine that if the Chinese government doesn’t like people to show their support for Tibet outside their territory, it’s even more serious when they do it directly in the country. So the artist is obviously banned. Look how she doesn’t care.

8. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone does not speak out when it comes to criticizing countries guilty of injustice, which is why she slipped a little one day in an interview by saying that an earthquake China was perhaps a stroke of karma to make them pay for their actions towards Tibet. Yeah, that went rather badly as a remark.

9. Jay-Z

So it’s not entirely clear, but Jay-Z was banned from performing in China in 2006 because the lyrics of his songs were considered too outrageous. Since the ban could have been lifted, but we must believe that the artist does not care, his wife Beyoncé is banned from going to Malaysia because of her outfits. Countries where there is a good atmosphere overall.

10. The Oasis Group

In 2009 the group Oasis was to perform for the first time in China, but finally the thing was canceled because of a concert for Tibet which had taken place in New York in 1997 (the government warns quite late sometimes) . Well that’s also the year the band broke up so all in all they probably wouldn’t have played there anyway. Always pissing off the Gallagher brothers.

11. Bonus: me

By dint of playing dumb it had to happen eventually, since I have just made a top of people who can no longer go to China and that I have criticized the process a little in the top so I will be banned from going visit the territory. Shame. (Since a photo of me would be pretty uninteresting to illustrate this point, I’ll give you a photo of a hand that gives you the cooking time of the poached eggs in minutes.)

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