Top 10 people to NEVER invite to an aperitif (the big service jerks)

When you organize an aperitif, there are a few things you must avoid at all costs: ending up with an empty fridge and annoying people, like someone who brings back old leftovers. We tried to do a quick overview of people to NEVER invite to an aperitif, to be almost sure to have a good evening.

1. The one who leaves with his bottle

Generally stingy, it’s the same guy who brings you the three old bits of pie that have been lying around in the back of his fridge for three weeks and gives them to you with a big smile on the doorstep. As he leaves – and after filling his belly with the delicious dishes brought by the other guests – he will say, “Do you mind if I take my bottle back? You understand I have a party tomorrow…”.

2. The one who prefers ham to sausage

And who, when you asked him to bring charcuterie, understood “But of course bring your disgusting ham, it will please everyone! “. Seeing you a little annoyed by this thing that is in no way sausage, he will generally retort that “it’s much less fat” than real sausage. You are entitled to hate it.

3. The diet junkie

We don’t judge, we all believed this Mr. Dukan one day, but the fact is that diets generally make you very very (but then very) embittered. During a nice little aperitif with friends, the dieter will therefore have an annoying tendency to glare at you as soon as you have the misfortune to approach your hand to the sausage and will try to make you feel guilty to feel less alone. “Nah, but then if you take charge of your body, it’s great… Frankly, I admire you!” »

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4. The oenologist apprentice

Unlike the big drunk on duty, the apprentice oenologist will taste the slightest pint that you serve him by analyzing the color, the nose and all the fuss. Let it be clear: he had an oenology course at Christmas and he intends to share with the assembly all this fascinating knowledge about these delicious beverages. Insofar as you, you just want to have a good time and eat sauciflard, it quickly becomes swelling.

5. The penguin that will ruin the sofa

The major inconvenience of the aperitif is that you dine around the coffee table and therefore sit down on an armchair or sofa. A relatively simple exercise EXCEPT for your best friend who has a little trouble with all that is coordination of movements. As you like it, you can invite it anyway, but remember to create a personalized space for it that is covered and emptied of any fragile object.

6. The one who didn’t have lunch at noon

And who therefore is really very hungry. One of two things: either he arrives with a big McDo and spreads a sweet smell of cold fries in your living room, or he eats the entire aperitif in three minutes flat, leaving you with an empty stomach and a heavy heart .

Top 10 people to NEVER invite to an aperitif the

7. The couple (too) in love

Who will consequently cuddle all evening above the cheese board, thus preventing you from accessing this delicious Reblochon. And that is detestable. Let’s add to that that with their private jokes and their knowing little glances, they are not excellent company for you and your celibacy.

8. People who eat gluten-free

So be careful, important precision: we are not talking here about gluten intolerant people who are quite appreciable. No, we’re talking about those people who suddenly discovered a year ago that their “body was much better without gluten” because they read somewhere that it was classy. In addition to not touching your delicious industrial puffed petals, these people will spend the whole evening talking to you about cereals and believe us, it’s very very boring.

9. The guy who can’t drink

By this we mean the guy who can’t drink alcohol AT ALL and who will therefore lower his pants in the middle of the living room after a glass of wine and run to the bathroom on the second floor. And that’s if he has the presence of mind to run to the small corner, otherwise we wish you good luck for all that is disinfection of your floor. A word of advice: remember to pass the mop between the blades.

10. Your mother

Because you don’t know it yet, but you really don’t want to hear what your mom has to say with a little nudge in the nose. (and you know very well what we are talking about)

Top 10 people to NEVER invite to an aperitif the

Here, if you are careful not to invite these few specimens, your aperitif should be relatively successful.

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