Top 10 people to never go on vacation with, when you say never is NEVER

Finding the right people to go on vacation with can be as difficult as finding a unicorn or a super-high-paying permanent job out of college after failing the patent. We must share the same values ​​and the same objectives otherwise paradise turns into hell. We have all experienced it at least once. So who are these people who screw everything up with their mere presence?

1. Someone who just screwed up their exams

There are two scenarios: either the person who has just wallowed in the exams will spend their time complaining and end up contaminating everyone with their melancholy, or else they will drink until they are more thirsty every day at noon. at 7 o’clock in the morning to forget and turn out to be super clumsy after two days.

Top 10 people to never go on vacation with when
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2. Someone who just got weighed down

It’s a bit like the previous point. Either the person who has just been dumped is going to jump on everything that moves to forget their heartache and/or prove to their ex that they can bounce back very well, or they are going to lament and say some very boring stuff from the like “oh with machine we used to walk on the beach in the evening to look at the stars”.

3. Other people’s children

Because people who leave with their kids necessarily have imperatives that end up defining the holidays of the whole group. We can’t make too much noise because from 9 p.m. the children are asleep, we can’t drink too much because there are kids, nor say bad words. You can’t run naked in the campsite either…

4. Someone who strictly eats healthy stuff

Ok it’s good to eat pies with vegetables from the sun but the problem is that we really wanted to eat ice cream and drink disgusting rosé, and that NOBODY CAN TAKE IT OFF!

5. Your cousin’s weird new guy or girl

Basically, it’s the individual who has absolutely nothing to do here, because no one really knows him, including the person who is responsible for his presence. This is valid in 70% of cases and very often, it weighs down the atmosphere a bit.

6. People who are always on the go

The kind of individual who sucks from the start and who can, because of his chronic delays, cause you to miss your train or your plane. Once on the vacation spot, it continues even more.

7. The lazy ones

Ok holidays are also made to rest. But how do you do anything if you’re dragging yourself a ball that sleeps until 4 p.m., that constantly complains that you walk too much, or that it’s too far and anyway, he hasn’t the right shoes?

8. The hyperactive

Conversely, those who are always on the job can also be very annoying. Never tired, they want to do 36 things a day, don’t stay still and are generally exhausting. The kind of person you want to administer a powerful sedative to.

9. Professional photographers or those who think they are professional photographers

With their big camera and all their battery of lenses that are useless because most of the time, these people don’t know how to use them and would take such beautiful photos with a disposable one, compulsive photographers are relatively unbearable. They always look for the right angle, spend their holidays talking about focal lengths and other incomprehensible stuff, think they’re Annie Leibovitz and forget to enjoy the present moment. Well, we must nevertheless recognize that if we have memories, it is also partly thanks to them.

10. Those who plan ahead

The kings of organization. “8 a.m.: we go to the market. 10 a.m.: we go for a walk on the beach but not for too long because afterwards we have to go to the white wine tasting in this great little cellar that Roger told me about. Then we eat from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Free time until 2:30 p.m. then head to the beach for a sunbath. I made a list to forget anything. In the evening, we meet at the port at 10 p.m., huh? A good way to remove any form of spontaneity and at the same time prevent the slightest surprise. But deep down, it’s reassuring.

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