Top 10 parents who go way too far, those who do anything

Being a parent is not an easy thing: it’s about trying to instill as many good things as possible in your child without being too boring, too embarrassing or too prohibitive. The idea is to find balance and unfortunately some people are sorely lacking in it. Sometimes it goes a little (a lot) too far. That’s why we decided to show you some examples so as not to reproduce the beautiful bullshit made by some parents.

1. Parents who humiliate their kids online

Whether it’s a form of punishment by leaking embarrassing videos of his kids on the internet or stupid challenges like the “cheese challenge” which consisted in throwing a slice of cheese on the face of his child, sharing humiliating videos are good proof of cowardice and debility which can turn against the child.

2. The parents who detonated a pipe bomb during a “gender reveal party”

The principle of “gender reveal party” in the United States consists of having a party during which you reveal the sex of your unborn child. Yeah it’s stupid, but it exists, and over the years it started to become more and more nonsense. Before, it was just a question of cutting a cake filled with a dye (blue for boys and pink for girls) but now a couple from Iowa had a homemade bomb made which was to project a colored liquid “corresponding to the gender of the baby”, result: one person died.

3. Parents who want to permanently geolocate their child

Obviously we live in fear when we are a parent and believe that the companies that sell geolocation technologies take advantage of it. Locatable socks, GPS tags to place in schoolbags, electronic bracelets… It can quickly become a little too exaggerated and pushed as a surveillance method, you also have to let the kids breathe a little.

4. The father who gave his daughter cocaine instead of a laxative

In the category of irresponsible and completely stupid parents, we can cite this Italian father who gave coke to his five-year-old girl instead of a laxative. Fortunately, the little girl had nothing serious, but it is likely that custody of the child was taken away from her, because the only drug authorized at five years old is sugar.

5. The parents who crashed a plane at a “gender reveal party”

Again during a “gender reveal party” a couple had the idea of ​​flying a plane which was to pour a ton of colored water (pink or blue, you understood the principle) into the sky so that the guests finally know what sex the child was. Except that the plane crashed in a field a little lower. Fortunately there was no death this time, but we have to stop thinking too big.

6. Parents who make money off the backs of their kids

This little technique has existed for a long time, remember the singer Jordy whose father had slammed his fortune to create an amusement park. Today, parents do the same thing on Youtube or Insta and make a lot of money off the back of offspring who don’t always understand what is happening to them. Marvellous.

7. Mothers who left their children alone for the weekend

On the Orleans side, four children aged 5 months to 7 years were found alone in an apartment while their two mothers had left for the weekend, leaving a neighbor to feed them. Yeah there are people who dare everything.

8. The father who cut off the internet from his entire sector in order to punish his children

In order to punish his kids, a father wanted to deprive them of the internet, which he did by using a jammer (which by the way is illegal). The problem is that his thing worked well, too much even given that the internet and mobile telephony were completely cut off in several villages neighboring his in the Landes.

9. Parents obsessed with school competition

Do you remember the famous vacation notebooks that you had to do in the summer before going back to class? Well, there are now some outside the holidays, for children in primary school, and they sell well. So there are parents who give their children extra work on top of their normal school week and homework, all to make them do better in school, which as everyone knows is the proof that we have succeeded in life.

10. Parents who make a contract for the use of a game console with their children

When you buy something to please your kids, like a game console, it’s not to give them a big middle finger, like limiting their playing time to less than an hour a week and sign them to an eight-year contract. Leave them in childhood, they will have plenty of time to sign disadvantageous contracts when they are adults.

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