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We all know them, these figures of the French political landscape. We know their head, their name, their first name, their husband or wife, and even their children sometimes. But… like all of us in this world, politicians also have parents! Eh yes ! As you can imagine, we’re not going to redo the political landscape on this top, otherwise it could be very long (lazy). But we still made a small, very quality selection for you. In the Macron family, I would like… The father.

1. Emmanuel Macron’s parents

Nouns : Jean-Michel Macron and Françoise Nogues

occupations : neurologist and medical adviser to the Social Security

ages : 72 years old, both.

Little thing to know : The father judges that the French are ingrates, and Emmanuel Macron bears the middle name of his father (Emmanuel Jean Michel Frederic Macron). Conclusion: dogs do not make cats.

2. Marine Le Pen’s parents

Nouns : Jean-Marie Le Pen and Pierrette Lalanne (formerly Le Pen). Yeah, there wasn’t too much suspense, I grant you.

occupations : Retired politician (thank god) and model, briefly (notably for Playboy… Ouspi).

ages : 93 years old and 86 years old.

Little thing to know : Marine is not called Marine! When he was born, his parents decided to give him the sweet and easy first name of Marion Anne Perrine Le Pen. Word triple count in scrabble!

3. Marlene Schiappa’s parents

Nouns : Jean-Marc Schiappa (uh… Is it a political rule for darons who are called Jean-something?) and Catherine Marchi.

occupations : historian and former deputy principal of the Lycée Charles de Gaulle in Dijon.

ages : 66 years and 65 years.

Little thing to know : the minister’s father supported Mélenchon during the last presidential campaign. That is to say: not at all the party of his daughter, Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Interior, in charge of Citizenship, in the Castex government.

Hello everyone ! Did you know ? The mother of the Secretary of State in charge of equality between women and men Marlène Schiappa is deputy headmaster… in Dijon! It is expressed in our columns.

Posted by Le Bien Public on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

4. Francois Hollande’s parents

Nouns : Georges Gustave Hollande and Nicole Frédérique Marguerite Tribert.

occupations : ENT doctor, also a candidate on a far-right list in the municipal elections of Rouen in 1959 and Bois-Guillaume in 1965, and social worker.

ages : Georges Gustave died in 2020, at the age of 96. Nicole Frédérique Marguerite died in 2009 at the age of 82.

Little thing to know : among the Dutch, no political harmony: the father is an extreme right-wing activist, while the mother supports the left. Shortly before her disappearance, she had even appeared in last place on the PS list for the Cannes municipal elections!

5. Parents of Gabriel Attal

Nouns : Yves Attal and Marie de Couriss.

occupations : both lawyer and producer of French cinema for his father, his mother, she is an employee in a production company.

ages : Yves Attal died in 2015 at the age of 67. Marie de Couriss, is 58 years old.

Little thing to know : the first film produced by Yves Attal is none other than the film by Pedro Almodóvar: “High Heels”, in 1991. In total, he will have produced 7 films, between 1991 and 1998.

6. Gerald Darmanin’s parents

Nouns : Gérard Darmanin (no, it’s not a valve) and Annie Ouakid.

occupations : barkeeper and concierge at the Banque de France.

ages : not disclosed.

Little thing to know : Gérald Darmanin, has the middle name “Moussa” (Gérald Moussa Darmanin, therefore) like his maternal grandfather: Moussa Ouakid, Algerian skirmisher and harki. His paternal grandfather was a Maltese Jew. We say to ourselves directly that with ancestors who have suffered terrible historical periods, the Minister of the Interior can only be an open-minded and tolerant guy… Huh… We tell ourselves, huh…

7. The parents of JL Mélenchon

Nouns : Georges Mélenchon and Jeanine Bayona.

occupations : postmaster, telegraphs and telephones for Georges, teacher for Jeanine.

Little thing to know : his mother being of Catholic profession, JLM was… an altar boy, younger. Can you imagine him, Méluch, in a white dawn with a candle in his hand? AHAHAH, I so wish I could go back in time sometimes.

8. Pécresse’s parents

Nouns : Dominique Roux and Catherine Bertagna.

occupations : the father was a professor and former president of Bolloré telecom (!!!).

Little thing to know : little information is given for the mother of Valérie Pécresse. On the other hand, his maternal grandfather, Louis Bertagna, is widely documented. He was notably resistant, psychiatrist and doctor of the Chirac family.

9. Jean Lassalle’s mother

Nouns : Marie Lassalle.

occupations : according to RTL, Jeannot’s parents were “transhumant shepherds”.

Age : Jean Lassalle’s mother died at the age of 83, in 2020.

Little thing to know : Jean Lassalle’s childhood was not easy. He spoke Béarn and struggled to make himself understood. According to an old testimony from his mother “He was very shy, he was afraid of everything” and was “the target of friends and especially teachers”. Poor little wolf.

10. Anne Hidalgo’s Parents

Nouns : Antonio and Maria Hidalgo.

occupations : electrician and seamstress.

Little thing to know : just like Marine Le Pen who is not called Marine, Anne Hidalgo was born under the name of Ana Maria Hidalgo Aleu, in Spain. It was not until 1973, when her whole family obtained French nationality, that Ana became Anne.

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