Top 10 Overly Devoted Fans

Supporting your club is good, but worshiping your club is a little weirder…

As for star fans who are a little too fanatic, there are supporters who go too far. Yes, if you didn’t know, making death threats to players when they don’t win a match, tattooing a whole shirt on their body, or camping in front of the hotel where your favorite player is staying, is not “cool” is just weird, even downright creepy.

Who are these crazy supporters? Let’s check together.

1. The guy who tattooed an entire jersey on his chest

This guy is a fan of Flamengo, a Brazilian club which has seen the birth of great players like Zico, Romario, Socrates or more recently Vinicius Junior.

And he is such a fan that he said to himself that in any case, he would wear the jersey every day, as his only clothing. But since it’s a bit silly to buy the same jersey 10 times, you might as well tattoo it directly on your entire chest. Finally it’s rather logical as reasoning, it’s just us who are stupid, we should all tattoo our favorite clothes.

2. Seb Lewis, Charlton’s biggest supporter

Charlton Atlhetic FC is a club from the London suburbs which is not known in Europe, because the club plays “only” in the English third division.

Englishman Seb Lewis has been recognized as their most loyal fan, as indeed since 1998 Lewis hasn’t missed a game, even those away from home. And when I say that he didn’t miss any, it’s not just that he followed them all from his screen, no no, Seb went to each of the club’s meetings, even those that weren’t were not in London.

Thus, Seb Lewis attended more than 1000 matches of his legendary club, and was even able to go down on the lawn to meet the players. Unfortunately this supporter has a tragic fate: he dies in 2020 at only 38 years old from the Covid, when the season has been suspended and no more matches are played.

A fan who was more than devoted, but in a good spirit and who always supported his heart club, we can applaud him.

3. A Manchester City fan who got his club’s victory tattoo a bit too soon

This Manchester City fan got a Champions League trophy tattooed in 2009 with his favorite club as the winner, so convinced that Manchester City would win the 2011 edition. Unfortunately that year it was Barça who wins in the final against Man City with three goals against a…

It’s nice to hope but sometimes it’s better to be sure before you do something stupid.

4. A Platini fan opens a “temple” in his likeness in Cyprus

Philippos Stavrou Platini is an absolute fan of the former French football player Platini. Already, as you have noticed, Philippos Stavrou has completely changed his name to add Platini at the end. In addition to that, he created a museum, or a temple, we don’t really know, for his idol.

Inside are more than 40,000 Platini-related items, which have been collected by the fan. There is in particular the official suit that Michel Platini wore at UEFA, the centerpiece of the collection (one wonders how he could have obtained that…). Platini himself went to visit his temple in 2009, much to the delight of the Cypriot.

5. Saint-Etienne supporters sending death threats to Anthony Mounier

In 2017, when player Anthony Mounier was to join the legendary club AS St-Etienne, the French midfielder received death threats from some crazy fans.

Why ? Because the player had been trained at OL, and as we know, there is historically a strong rivalry between the two clubs. On top of that, Anthony Mounier had shouted “We fuck the Greens, we fuck them” during a 2012 game when his Nice side scored the decisive goal of the game.

And now, the Greens are resentful and have a good memory, and that’s why they said they would welcome Mounier by sending him small death threats, just that. Because of this Anthony will return to play very very quickly in Italy, where he was before being transferred to St-Etienne.

6. Jhovan Kesternich traveled over 7000 km to see his favorite player played (and the match was cancelled)

Jhovan Kesternich is a fan of Ben Brereton, a player of English and Chilean nationality playing in the English club Blacburn Rovers. The fan, himself a Chilean, crossed the ocean only to see his idol play. And finally Brereton being injured, will not play, even worse, the match will be canceled 45 minutes before kick-off due to bad weather conditions.

Big, big disappointment for Jhovan Kesternich, but finally Brereton will notice the loyalty of the young Chilean thanks to social networks and will ask to meet his fan. Thus Jhovan Kesternich does not leave empty-handed, but with a meeting and a selfie with his idol. Not bad.

7. An OM supporter throws a Parisian into the Old Port

The rivalry between Paris and Marseille, we know it, but from there to push a guy in the Old Port it is perhaps a little abused. We don’t really know if this video is a fake or not, but honestly it wouldn’t surprise us so much that a crazy OM fan deliberately pushed a guy in the Old Port because he was wearing a PSG jersey.

Afterwards, we must recognize that wearing a PSG jersey in the heart of Marseille does not seem to be the smartest idea…

8. A Maradona-loving dad who named his kids Diego, Mara, and Dona

Walter Rotundo is an Argentinian who is a little too fond of Del Pibe de Oro, Maradona, to the point of calling his son Diego, the last of the family, who has joined his sisters Mara and Dona. So there you have it, this guy’s children are called Diego, Mara, Dona… not bad, you had to think about it (if you want to go and see other crazy parents with football who have given ridiculous first names ).

In addition to that, little Diego was born on November 25, the same day as the death of the star. Is Walter Rotundo the biggest Maradona fan out there? It’s possible…

9. A Leo Messi fan gets a tattoo (again…) of one of the player’s celebrations on his back

Calling your kids Diego, Mara and Dona isn’t bad, but getting a celebratory Messi tattoo on your back is pretty high on the scale of football nerds too. Igor Magalhaes, a huge Messi fan (and yet the word fan is weak), got a tattoo of the Argentine’s mythical celebration: Messi lifting his shirt after scoring.

Magalhaes therefore posted a video in which he got this celebration tattooed, a video which obviously caused a stir and reached Messi’s ears. Messi therefore promised that he would autograph his fan’s back if he saw him, and so Igor Maglahaes decided to stay outside the Argentinian players’ hotel in the hope of meeting his idol.

And guess what, it worked! Messi therefore autographed the young man’s back.

10. Another Messi fan who took the star’s departure very, very seriously

Good to start and remove the suspense, as much to say right away that this video is a prank. But that, we learned long after. This young man wanted to make fun of Barça supporters after the departure of their idol by simulating (quite realistically) the somewhat disproportionate reaction that a fan could have had.

By calling Messi, the “dwarf of hell”, it must be said that this fake fan made the buzz. In reality it is an Argentinian, a supporter of Estudiantes de la Plata in Argentina, who calls himself Fan Del Chavito, in short several media took this info seriously and this video was well shot everywhere, but don’t panic c It was a good joke (even if we can imagine a supporter reacting a little too thoroughly like that).

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