Top 10 origins of rapper names, those who weigh in the game

Choosing a good rapper’s name is important. Especially since sometimes the real names of rappers are not phew. In short, this is no small feat. Take the example of Sean Combs who hesitated between fifteen thousand different stage names: Puff Daddy, Puffy, Amélie, Diddy and P.Diddy. The guy clearly took the lead, a real hassle. We digress: here are the names of rappers explained with parsimony and benevolence.

1. Orelsan

The origin of this pseudonym can be analyzed in two stages (I intellectualize what I want). First “Orel” which is the reworked diminutive of Aurélien (his real first name) and “San” which is a Japanese polite formula used when addressing someone, this suffix is ​​attached to his name and that’s it. This is a small reference to Japan, a country whose culture he particularly likes.

2. Disiz (The Plague)

Big disappointment to learn that his nickname was only “Disiz”. The second part, “La Peste” was added by the team he worked with when he released his first title “Plukemoi” in 1995. from the contraction of the English terms “This is”. And then there, we let you make suggestions as to the meaning of the latter because we are having a hard time finding it. Insofar as “This is” can mean “here”, we could consider that the guy indicates that he is present. Or when he exposes his vision of things. Help.

3. Joey Starr

In 2010, he explained to the Express that “Joey” is the name most commonly given to house slaves in the United States. Regarding the second part “Starr”, we owe it to the graffiti artist JonOne with whom he lives and who likes to attach superlatives to the latter’s nickname until he comes across “JoeyStarr”. The rapper is seduced. Wrapped is weighed, it will be his stage name. We still missed “Joeyissime”.

4. Nekfeu

When he was younger, he was nicknamed “Nek” which is the verlan of his real first name “Ken” (we do not judge). His bestah, the rapper Mekra calls him “Nek le fennec”. Finally, he chooses as stage name “Nekfeu” which corresponds to the approximate verlan of “Fennec”. You know everything.

5. Eminem

So him, he didn’t freak out. Truly not. Eminem is simply the literal and somewhat improved transcription of “M and M”: the initials of his first and last name: “Marshall Mathers”.

6. Kaaris

Initially, the rapper calls himself “Fresh” in reference to the film “Boash Yakin” which tells the story of a young man from the ghetto who deals and gets a lot of dirt. Except that according to his own words “it’s all rotten”, he has to change it. In 2006, he enrolled at Sacem and was sorely lacking in inspiration when asked to state his name. He ends up choosing “Kaaris” from “Kaarismatic” which is the name by which he calls himself in his previous songs. Also, the doubling of the “a” is a reference to the serpent “Kaa” in The Jungle Book. Have confidence.

7. Oxmo Puccino

The rapper chose it without giving it a particular meaning, he just thought it sounded good. The “X” of Oxmo would even be the result of a purely aesthetic choice (it is true that it is a very beautiful letter). And then regarding the term “Puccino”, he retains it because it’s rather cute and it has a “Latin side”. We hope it does not refer to this matter of misfortune that some have stuck in college, high school and more if affinities.

Top 10 origins of rapper names those who weigh in
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8. MC Solar

The guy has several blases: “The Ace of Clubs”, “The Fifth Ace”. But we especially remember “Mc Solaar”.

MC is the acronym for “Master of Ceremony” or “Maître de Cérémonie”. That’s also what we call rappers. At first, he takes as stage name “MC Claude” (yes because his name is “Claude”) then he finally stops on MC Solaar. “Solaar” being his name tagger (it throws, admit).


It is the slightly altered acronym of his first and last name (Valentin Le Du). Some purists would point out that the exact term should be “VLD” but since we don’t give a damn about so much rigor, we won’t do the same. The guy also explained in 2014 that it was one of the alternatives offered by Messenger instead of the nickname already used that he had proposed when he registered on the platform. We sincerely hope that this story is true.

10. 50 Cent

His mother called him “Boo-Boo” and he probably would have made cute little nursery rhymes if he had kept that charming nickname. Instead, he preferred to take the nickname of a New York criminal, Kelvin D Martins, who was ready to kill anyone for 50 cents. The guy is clearly not a good negotiator. Or maybe he’s just a dangerous psychopath who likes to kill for fun.

If you want to know the meaning of other names of rappers because your favorite artists are not in this top (sorrrrry), we strongly advise you to take a look at the Rap Genius site. And if rap isn’t your thing, we have the origins of singers’ names in general and the real names of stars.

Source: Rap Genius

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